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Ryotaro Okiayu is one of the more well-known seiyuus in the business, being around during the Megumi Hayashibara era and still voicing characters today. It's very hard to miss him. His more well known voice type is the 'aloof' (not necessarily big brother) character, whether it's plain cold, or just sadistic. He is also known for some Hot-Blooded roles, snobby roles or downright silly roles, and he's very good at changing his voice quality. Really hard to pigeonhole this guy.

He was married but is now divorced. He also likes Super Robot Wars, though he's not as hardcore a fan as Hikaru Midorikawa, but they still keep in touch, play together, and they have quite a few relationship roles going together.

Notable roles by Ryotaro Okiayu:

Just for those who are curious, it's kinda ironic that in Sengoku Basara, Motochika is voiced by Ryuzou Ishino, who in Gundam Wing voiced Chang Wufei, rival of Okiayu's character Treize.

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