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British actor, born August 24th, 1988, who plays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films. Known for being similar to Ron in Real Life, including the easy-going personality, the large family, and even the fear of gianormous spiders. Grint got an audition for the part of Ron by sending in a tape of himself performing a rap while dressed as his female drama teacher. Much to the disappointment of his fans (though presumably to Grint's relief), this tape has failed to turn up on the Internet.

Within the world of Harry Potter, Ron is Overshadowed by Awesome and is often thought of simply as Harry Potter's sidekick. As it happens, Grint is in a similar situation in Real Life as the media tends to ignore him in favor of Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson. However, while Ron sometimes gets touchy or jealous about his sidekick status, Grint seems to lack his character's inferiority complex. On the plus side, the situation gives him the ability to slip under the radar. After all, Radcliffe caused a stir by appearing naked in Equus, but the Moral Guardians completely failed to notice when Grint made the very mature independent film Cherrybomb.

His post-Potter career, like his two Potter co-stars, has found him trying several more diverse roles to avoid typecasting. He is starring in the Norwegian anti-war film Into The White, and has recently signed on to his first American film role in The Drummer, alongside Aaron Eckhart and Chloe Moretz

Tropes used in Rupert Grint include:

 Tom: [via Twitter] Just call us Rom or Tupert.

  • I Am Not Spock: Along with almost everyone else to act in the Harry Potter series. Might not be so bad for him considering he and Ron are basically the same person by most accounts.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: Much like his character, actually. In addition to being the face of the whole franchise, Daniel Radcliffe caused a stir by appearing naked on stage. Meanwhile, Emma Watson is not bad-looking and seems to be on the brink of a successful fashion career. Poor Rupert can only compete by randomly buying an ice cream truck (and investing his Harry Potter salary into massive amounts of British real estate). Interestingly, Alfonso Cuaron apparently once commented that, out of the three leads, he thought Grint had the greatest chance for post-Potter success. Grint's reply: "I dunno, Alfonso was pretty crazy."
    • He's hardly been starved for film roles. Aside from the previously mentioned Cherrybomb, he's also starred in Wild Target, Driving Lessons, Into The White and is currently lined up to play the title character in Eddie The Eagle, a role Steve Coogan was previously attached to. It's safe to say that his future still looks pretty bright.
    • He's got a pretty big female fanbase, too.
  • Playing Against Type: His role in Cherrybomb.
    • Also from his early film career, playing the nerdy, Mad Scientist best friend in Thunderpants.
  • Preppy Name: Although not with a personality to match.
  • Redheaded Hero: He's a lot of people's.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Hates spiders just as much as Ron.
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