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Series In General

  • Finding time to maintain crops, take care of animals, woo a local girl and explore deep dungeons is... pretty hard.
    • Well, that's why I like it. It's hard only if you want to do really well. :D
    • You don't really have to do all of that. Like the troper above said, it's hard only when you want to do well. But if you don't really care about doing well then you can just do whatever you want. That's the beauty of it.
  • Seriously, how do tree stumps regenerate?
    • A wizard did it.
  • Why don't any of the Amnesiac Heroes ever take opportunity to get all their memories back? In RF1, Raguna never asks Lynette (who explicitly told him she was responsible for erasing his memories) who he was or where she found him. In RF3, Micah is told that the Dragon God was the one who wiped his memory and sent him to the village and is willing to restore the missing parts of his memory. Neither man takes advantage of this. Satisfaction with who they are and their current life is all find and good. But I would think finding out who you were and where you came from is just as important. (On that note, in RF 2, Kyle does get his memory back, but we're never told who sent him or why they didn't send backup when he disappeared?)
    • To be fair, in Micah's case, getting back his (final) memories included HAVING to go back to his homeland, or staying there, but never getting those memories back (from the Dragon anyway), one or the other. Considering just before he saved his fiance from being kidnapped by the same God, and declared his undying and enduring love for her, it makes sense.
    • Lynette informs Raguna in the same conversation where she admits to causing his amnesia that there's no way to recover his memories.
      • Sure, but what's stopping her from telling him something like if "Raguna" is his real name, for instance?



  • The game text implies that the two of you are very close, so why is it that in Rune Factory 2, you don't start the 2nd generation phase with max affection towards your mother?
    • Maybe she's just pretending and is actually bitter because your presence reminds her of her no-good husband that ran off in the middle of the night without saying goodbye to her?
    • Also, maybe heart points are a relative measure? I mean, you start at the same level with everyone, regardless of how friendly they seem to be. Perhaps zero affection as a gameplay element doesn't indicate the same feelings for every character.
    • It's just as bad with grandparents and aunts/uncles: Douglas, Natalie & Ray, Herman & Max, and Gordon & Cammy all react the exact same way to your character, no matter who your mother is.
  • Granted, it's for the benefit of the player rather than any narrative flow: But are they seriously implying that when Arron/Aria first goes to school, it's the first time s/he meets Leann, Orland, Leonel, and Sera & Serena? Did his/her mother keep them on the farm for that entire time?
  • I might be alone on this one, but does anyone else find to the character design in this game to be rather...odd? I'm under the impression that Cammy is either supposed to be a kid or young teen, but she looks and sounds old enough to marry. Dorothy, on the other hand, looks and sounds like a five year old yet she's actually marriageable. Then of course there's Ray, which I just found out was indeed originally intended to be a girl. And then there's Kyle's midriff-bearing shirt. Your mileage will definitely vary on that one, but personally I've always considered that to be a very feminine way to dress.


  • How does Melody get the water from Whale Island to Laga Springs? There's no visible pipeline connecting Whale Island to the ground (and there couldn't be, since Whale Island takes a vacation to Lake Poli every holiday), and it doesn't fall (she even points out that would be dangerous.) And despite dressing like a wizard, she technically isn't one so she probably didn't do it.
    • And for that matter, how did Melody get to Whale Island before you did? If you're playing efficiently at all (that is, climbing the beanstalk immediately after growing it and not dying in the first half of the Whale Island cave), she must have either apparated there or overtaken you on the way. But, again, she's not a wizard, but you didn't see her on the way...

Tides of Destiny

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