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A Runaway Hideaway is a place The Runaway character can call home (temporary or permanent)

It will be different depending on the story setting and plot. It can range from an Abandoned City to a campsite in the woods. It doesn't neccesarily need to be a desolate or abandoned landscape. Some runaways go to orphanges and the homes of trusted relatives (if they have any). It may even be the home of a kind, trusting stranger. This trope comes in many types.

Type 1 - Running away to a relative's house

  • In Real Life this isn't exactly wise... Your parents could easily find you. If the Abused Runaway is coming here someone might be able to help.
    • Although perhaps the Abused Runaway should call the police and gather evidence before running...

Type 1.5 - Orphanage

The Runaway will run to a local shelter or orphanage. Abused or not, this is considerably better than Type 2.

Type 2 - I ran away but have no place to go!

A naïve character may run away from home and into the Big Scary World without having a plan. Although they probably have a crappy reason or no reason at all for running. This type is the most likely to end up in a stranger's house, provided said stranger isn't a crazy pervert or serial killer...

Type 3 - Off To The Smoke

(The name for this type is a locked trope) The character might've heard of a place where runaways can go (whether or not they seriously want to runaway from their current home or just wanting to find this place). If people are disappearing in the story, they may end up here. A character can go for whatever reason, although it's mostly to see if the Urban Legend is true.

Type 4 - Joining the Circus

The character might join the circus. A Dark Circus may convince the runaway to go home...

Type 5 - We can be spared (thank god)

Whether seeking religious freedom in a foriegn country or if you're the Last of His Kind, this type is the place where you can live without bloodshed, worry or war! Ironically these types are prone to getting invaded or involved in war no matter how many barriers they put up...

Make a Runaway Hideaway can help you create your character's new home.

Examples of Runaway Hideaway include:

Anime & Manga

  • Yoshitaka's house in He Is My Master. Fits Type 2 because Izumi and her sister ran away without much of a plan.
  • Arguably Kaede House in Elfen Lied. Mayu is an abused runaway, Lucy/Nyu is an orphan runaway, Nana is taken there by Mayu after Kurama let her escape. Fits Type 5 for multple reasons.


  • The Wendle tunnels under the London neighborhood of Wandsworth in the Borribles trilogy is very much a Type 3; Borrible society in general may also count as a Type 3.
  • The Smoke in the Uglies Triology. The Smoke inspired Type 3's trope even though it's locked...
  • The Sanctuary in The Heir Trilogy. Fits type 5, includes the barrier too!
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