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In slapstick and/or cartoony works, if someone is going to be on fire, chances are this fire is going to be very brief, and within that, chances that it's going to be isolated to their rear ends.

Expect them to be launched skyward at an alarming rate. It will usually be put out by the victim sitting down in the nearest bucket of water and breathing a sigh of relief.

See also Literal Ass-Kicking. Not to be confused with Toasted Buns, which refers to why placing a jet pack exhaust near someone's rear end would CAUSE a rump roast.

Examples of Rump Roast include:

Anime and Manga


 Sid: Just call me "Sid: Lord of the Flames!"

Manny: Hey, Lord of the Flames....your tail's on fire.

Sid: (screams)

  • In National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Uncle Lewis lights his cigar, unknowingly sets fire to the Christmas tree, then turns around to reveal that his toupee and the seat of his pants are also on fire.
  • In Mulan, the matchmaker accidentally sits on coals and starts running around with her dress on fire.
  • This happens to Kirk Douglas in The Villain.
  • Yosemite Sam in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?: "My biscuits are burnin'!"
    • Another Who Framed Roger Rabbit example: In the "Somethin's Cookin'" short that starts off the movie, Roger is trapped in an oven set to "Volcano Heat". After he becomes "Well Done", he shoots out of the oven with his behind on fire and runs around the kitchen in circles leaving a trail of smoke.
  • Toy Story 2 had a clip of an old Show Within a Show segment when Prospector Pete tries to extinguish a lit dynamite fuse by sitting on it, then jumps up and exclaims "my biscuits are burnin'" in a Shout-Out to Yosemite Sam.
  • In the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast, Lumiere burned Lefou this way.
  • The Muppet Christmas Carol: Gonzo accidentally ignites Rizzo's tail while lighting a lamp.

 Rizzo: Hey, hey hey! Light the lamp not the rat! Light the lamp not the rat!


  • Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, although it was made more explicit in the animated adaptation than the original book:

 "Three cheers for good old Bilbo!"

"Thank you! But I'd appreciate a more pragmatic salute. In other words.. extinguish me!"

  • It doesn't actually happen, but in Harry Potter, Mad-Eye Moody warns Harry not to put his wand in his back pocket because he might set it on fire. "Better wizards than you have lost buttocks that way!"
  • In Peter Pan, Captain Hook sits down on a large mushroom that turns out to be the Lost Boy's chimney.

Live Action TV

  • Red Dwarf did this with the Justice Zone episode.

Video Games

  • Final Fantasy VII did this early in the game.
  • In most of the Ratchet and Clank games, if you fall into lava you'll shoot out with your butt on fire.
  • Some flame attacks in The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap would do this to Link and force him to run around at top speed.
  • This is the only way to properly beat Captain Hook in Kingdom Hearts: Light him on fire. He's preoccupied with putting his rump out while you wale on him.
    • Also, one fire spell you can use in Chain of Memories has the description 'Donald flubs a fire spell'. When you use that spell, Donald came running around with his rear literally on fire, damaging enemies he touches.
  • It happens in Digimon Battle Spirits. If you get hit with the fire throw items or get hit by Impmon's fireballs, you'll get your rear set on fire.
  • In a very obscure fighting Neo Geo game Aggressors of Dark Kombat, there's a Molotov cocktail. If you throw it and you or your opponent steps on it, you'll be hopping around with your rear on fire.
  • The platform game Baby Jo: If your baby loses all her health in a fire, she launches screaming to the sky with her diaper on fire.
  • Radiata Stories has a status effect called Blazed. Your rear will be on fire and you'll take minor damage similar to poison.
  • In The Secret of Monkey Island, when Guybrush launches himself out of a cannon to reach Monkey Island from his ship, he lands with his butt on fire. Herman Toothrot wanders by and remarks idly, "By the way, you might want to think about putting that fire out. Somebody could be hurt."
  • This is exactly what happens if Mario touches lava in the New Super Mario Bros (which is also a One-Hit Kill), Super Mario 64, Super Mario RPG and Super Mario Galaxy titles.
    • In Mario Sports Mix, if you get burned by a Podoboo or Bowser's special ability, this will happen.
    • One of the moves in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga involves Mario setting Luigi's pants on fire to dash at high speeds. In the sequels, the Burn status effect prevents the affected bro from jumping— he's too busy trying to put out the seat of his trousers.
    • Fire Wario of Wario Land series, before being completely engulfed in flames.


  • There's a scene in Wapsi Square where Monica's rejection of her inner demon Doubt sets Doubt's ass on fire. Doubt eventually finds a way to get her own back on Monica. Nose flicks!
  • Megatokyo: Setting his sleeve on fire was all part of Largo's plan to allow Yuki to get away. The pants were not part of the plan.

Web Original

  • This Reeves and Mortimer sketch.

Western Animation

  • The now-rare cartoon "Mississippi Hare" has a sequence late in that short where Colonel Shuffle suffers this after chasing Bugs Bunny into a boiler on a riverboat.
  • Happens to Wile E. Coyote in Zoom and Bored, in one of the most surreal scenes on Looney Tunes (the wall scene).
  • From The Simpsons:

 "Are you saying Homer Simpson is a liar?"

"Well, we do have this footage of him with his pants on fire."

    • There was also an episode in which some rock stars go berserk and chase Homer around in a giant red vehicle shaped like Satan's head, pushing a button that causes flames to shoot out from the devil's mouth and burn Homer's buns. Once they've come to their senses, the musicians apologize to Homer and offer him the vehicle as a gift - and he uses it to burn off Principal Skinner's clothes, leaving him in only his Goofy Print Underwear and frantically trying to cover himself.
  • In the Pixie & Dixie short "Cousin Tex", the visiting mouse does this to Mr. Jinks with his branding iron.
  • In one episode of Transformers Cybertron, Scourge sets Thundercracker's butt on fire. It's hilarious.

 Krabs: *runs with his butt on fire* Me pants are on fire!! *exits screen, returns only wearing underwear* Me underwear's on fire!! *exits again and returns naked and fully engulfed in flames* I'M ON FIIRE!!!

  • Codename: Kids Next Door: In Operation H.O.T.S.T.U.F.F. while Numbuhs 1, 2 and 5 enter Numbuh 3's house which is becoming a volcano.

 Numbuh 1: What smells like burgers?

Numbuh 5: I don't know if they taste like burgers, but your buns are on fire!

  • In Here Comes the Grump, the Grump gets Toasted Buns occasionally as a form of Amusing Injuries.
  • The cave child Grog got toasted tooties in The Smurfs episode "Lost In The Ages". And occasionally, Azrael's tail would catch on fire from some of Gargamel's experiments.
  • At the end of "Three Little Pigs", the Big Bad Wolf, after realizing that he cannot blow down the house of bricks, actually decides to climb down the chimney as a last-minute attempt to kill and eat the pigs, only to end up landing inside a pot of boiling water and jumping out and running away.
  • This was a regular gag on Tom and Jerry, usually causing Tom to jump high in the air and do his Stock Scream.

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