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  • Very, very bad in ~Magic: the Gathering~. It's gotten to the point where "Magic is dead!" has essentially become Memetic Mutation.
    • This is the reaction of many fans to every release of a new Magic: The Gathering set. Even a single card, to many, can spell the doom of the game - witness the reactions to Tarmogoyf, Remand, and Umezawa's Jitte, to name a few prominent examples. Keep in mind that a new set is released every three months; that each year brings a new block (meaning cards from the previous block are no longer relevant in block-format tournaments or drafting); and that Wizards of the Coast has made a Banned/Restricted list for cards that break the game too hard. Even when Wizards brings back old cards, fans will decry some choices as being The End of MtG - even though they didn't break the game the first time around.
  • Chaos and Heroes ruined Yu-Gi-Oh! forever!!!!
    • No the pyramid of light ruined the game forever!!!!
      • The kid's toy duel disc system ruined the game forever!!!
      • Synchro-monsters ruined the game FOREVER!!!
      • The newest ban list ruined the game FOREVER!!!
        • Wanna know why the above is mentioned? LIGHTLORDS RUINED THE GAME FOREVER!!!
        • Exceed Monsters will ruin the game forever!!!
          • The game was very nearly ruined by Xyz Monsters due to a ruling that allowed profound abuse of a certain card. The price of this particular card shot to nearly $200. The mistake was noted, repealed and, ironically ruined the game for all those who had bought the cards instead.
  • All the donks have ruined Poker FOREVER!!!!
    • ESPN has ruined poker FOREVER!!!!
    • Texas Hold'em has ruined poker forever.
  • Champions of the Galaxy is a very small press game with a very...dedicated and invested...fanbase, many of whom have been playing for twenty years. A recent move from B&W cards to full colour has ruined it forever.
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