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  • 1991 - Entry #27 was Bushwhacker Luke who, after doing the Bushwhacker's signature Silly Walk to the ring, was grabbed by Earthquake mid-stride and tossed out. This barely slows Luke down, and he simply continues the walk back out of the arena.
  • Jerry Lawler's entry into the 1997 Royal Rumble. He was already sitting at the commentator's booth when his music began to play, and the last thing he said to Vince was "It takes a King,". He climbed into the ring and was almost immediately knocked out by Bret Hart. He walked back to the commentator's booth and said "to know a King." And for the rest of the Royal Rumble match he forgot he was ever in it.
  • Kaientai's repeated interference in the 2000 Rumble. One instance led to Gangrel throwing Taka Michinoku out of the ring, causing Taka to land on his face. Jerry Lawler repeatedly requested to watch the replay throughout the rest of the Rumble.
  • Kane eliminating the Honky Tonk Man in 2001 immediately after he sang his song-- grabbing his guitar and smashing him over the head with it. And then shaking his head slowly.

 Jerry Lawler: He's (Kane) a music hater!

  • 2002 - Austin and Triple H were in the ring with the Hurricane and the Hurricane got the goozle on both of them, prepping them for a chokeslam. They sold it like he's the Undertaker or Kane for about five seconds before they both looked at each other and realized they're being choked by the freakin' Hurricane. Just as it dawned on the Hurricane that he just grabbed the necks of the two most decorated wrestlers of the Rumble that year, they grabbed him by the back of the neck and threw him over the ropes.
  • John Cena entered the 2003 Rumble with what is quite possibly his best Heel rap ever, where he manages to rhyme "explain to ya" with "Wrestlemania" and the thing ends with the brilliant line, "my style is like a swollen penis, you can't beat me."
    • Maven, who in the 2002 Rumble became famous for eliminating The Undertaker with a dropkick, tried to repeat the feat in 2003, and failed miserably.
  • 2004 - Chris Benoit and Randy Orton had just eliminated several guys in a row and then collapsed from exhaustion. The announcers mentioned that the next person to come out would have a huge advantage. But that person turned out to be Ernest "The Cat" Miller, who decided to dance to his theme music alongside his ostentatiously-wigged manager, Lamont, instead. Benoit and Orton were not amused, and threw both of them over the top rope.
    • Made even funnier by Lamont's wig coming off in Benoit's hand in mid-elimination. One recap listed "Lamont's wig eliminated" in the timeline.
  • 2005 - Eddie Guerrero and Ric Flair were drawing their numbers to enter the rumble. Flair seemed overjoyed with his number. Eddie pulled Flair in for a congratulatory hug, and swiftly left the room. Only a little later did Flair find out that Eddie had somehow swapped numbers with him during the hug! Later on Flair and Teddy Long were able to track down Eddie, and Teddy Long forced Eddie to give Flair his number back. But, after Eddie had already handed the number over, Teddy was still holding his hand out. Eddie shook his hand, but Teddy still wasn't impressed. "Hand it over, playa." Eddie then sheepishly handed over Flair's wallet. Cue Eddie making a speedy exit, and Flair becoming absolutely enraged.
    • We later found out during the rumble that Eddie had drawn number one, while Flair had drawn number 30.
  • 2008 - The Miz getting eliminated by Hornswoggle. You're just paying your dues, Mike.
  • 2011 - Santino Marella, who at this point had averaged about 15 seconds in two Rumble matches, would get knocked out by Sheamus within 20 seconds of his appearance and would have the fortune to fall under the bottom rope. This became a Brick Joke when later on, Alberto Del Rio would be celebrating his apparent victory only to turn around and get hit the with The Cobra! Unfortunately for Santino, he would take a few seconds too long to celebrate, and would instead go home as the runner up when Del Rio reversed his elimination attempt.
    • The New Nexus lead by CM Punk. He's very happy after having four members including himself. He's acting all and mighty with a nice troll face until Khali's music hits in. What he does next? Hide behind his fellow members.
      • Not to mention, CM Punk is still scared in facing Khali in past Royal Rumble matches starting from the first time Khali enters the Royal Rumble in 2007.
  • 2012 - .The Cobra vs. Mr Socko... After the elimination of Ricardo, these two have a standoff and decide to take out their own 'weapons' and wear it. It's more funnier that once Epico enters the ring and interrupt their battle, he gets Santino's Cobra and eliminated by Foley's Mr Socko in just 11 seconds.
    • Ricardo Rodriguez entering in Alberto Del Rio's place, driving The Alleged Car and imitating Alberto's entrance. This has to go down as one of the funniest swerves ever, since Alberto had been Put on a Bus several weeks before because of injury and injured superstars have had a pattern of returning at the Rumble.
      • Several things made this funnier. First off being that the fans were genuinely entertained and several "Ricardo!" chants broke out. Second, Ricardo (with Mick Foley's help) actually got an elimination. Third and perhaps most hilariously, he was unfortunate enough to end up with a solid, all-white set of ring gear, giving the impression that he was wrestling in his underpants.
    • All three announcers revealed they have entered. However for Michael Cole's case, he was very happy he entered until his expression on his face change when Kharma returned. To make this more epic, he was eliminated by Booker T and Lawler in order to save him from being eliminated by Kharma
    • Before the Big Show enters the ring, he helps Sheamus eliminate Jack Swagger. Swagger complains and shoves him and Big Show responds by punching him out cold.
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