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The Bus Driver is a Time Lord.

Alucard used to be like Tsukune before taking enough vampire blood to make him what he is.

  • Who is the Moka to his Tsukune though...
    • My bet is either Gyokuro or Akasha. Certainly would explain why the former is trying to bring him back.

Tsukune will become a full vampire.

In most vampire mythos, to become a vampire, you must drink the blood of the vampire that bit you. Tsukune has the "has been bitten" part, and some power due to injection, but no control because he didn't take the blood in right. We know he craves Moka's blood- a plot point that was seemingly dropped. At some point in the future, possibly when his rosary is breaking and the headmaster isn't around, he'll lose control and drink Moka's blood, becoming a full vampire, and solving his "which world do I choose" issue by making him a full monster.

  • This Troper is really hoping that this turns out to be the case. Vampire!Tsukune is awesome.
    • Seems to have happened as of chapter 41 in season 2.
      • Not yet. He's still a human/ghoul. A heavily modified human/ghoul.

Tsukune is plotting to use his Unwanted Harem to conquer both worlds.

He's slowly been gathering powerful women using his normal guy charms and deliberately putting himself in danger so that they will grow stronger. Once their powers reach their peak, it'll be all hail Supreme Overlord Tsukune.

  • Not if Sahashi Minato and his own battle harem have anything to say about it.
  • It's a good thing Negi uses his shota-harem powers for good instead of evil...
    • And when the three groups have being wasting time and energy, Rito-kun will use his harem high advanced technology to destroy them and start his conquer of the universe!
  • There's a reason why it's called an unwanted harem.

So-called True Vampires are in fact androids from the future where there is no need to waterproof them.

How else would you explain why Moka acts like she is shorting out and sparking when she was in the pool?

  • By pointing out that Mocha isn't an android, that's just silly... she IS from the future, though, and she's an escapee from the Matrix, where the Machines have clearly engineered humans to be bioelectric batteries. Do you ever see anyone take a bath in Zion? Thought not.
    • What about all that sweat form the zion orgy rav?

Moka's eldest sister's name is (Airan) Kohi <(Irish) Coffee>

It goes with the sisters' Theme Naming: Cocoa-youngest and most harmless; Mocha-2nd youngest and much more powerful; and Kahlua-2nd eldest and a Crying Freeman-esque assassin with a heart of sugar and "Ratte" (Latte) just sounds silly.

  • Expresso?
  • Jossed. Her name is Akuha, which seems to not be beverage. However, the flashback to the time the other three sisters first met her seems to imply that Akuha was adopted as a teenager, which would explain her not fitting the theme. Amusingly, though, the same scene reveals that the sisters had a dog named Earl Grey.
    • Not beverage per se, but it seems to be a bastardization of "Aqua" which means she's "pure water." Quite ironic since she looks (and speaks in) Chinese.

The series takes place in the early '90s

At some point soon, Tsukune will change his name to Julius. He will vanish mysteriously in 1999 when a castle appears.

The unseen father of the vampire sisters is Castlevania's Dracula.

This applies to the manga only, but the appearance of the Vampire Kill...Belmont whip implies that the school may have a connection to the Belmont clan. The sisters are shown to be the most insanely powerful monsters so far, and having Dracula's blood would probably explain that.

    • The anime version is practically a Captain Ersatz of the Castlevania Dracula; he has a strong contempt for humans, he is extremely powerful, and his castle is only around when he is. Physically he's almost identical to Order of Ecclesia's version of Dracula.

Tsukune will have to adopt a Tenchi Solution to ensure he stays alive or stay at least mostly intact.

Mostly because we have seen just how clingy the girls in his Unwanted Harem can be. Tsukune if he has any genre savyness will know that to keep his heads (both of them) were they sould be he will have to find a way to do a Tenchi Solution with his harem.

  • Nah, it'll just be a matter of Inner Moka coming out more often and teaching the competition to know their place.
    • And it looks like that's on the money. In the latest chapter the other girls expressed their willingness to have a Tenchi Solution. Outer Moka said she didn't like that idea. Inner Moka said it flat-out wasn't going to happen, and kicked all their asses.
      • Damn you, Moka, you egoist witch.
        • Although, it seems like Kurumu & Gin-Sempai as well as Yukari & Fong-Fong are having some magnetism. Plus there's Kokoa & Haiji! XD

After Tsukune saves Sun from the tied battle she's in with "God", he's going to find he has another addition to the Unwanted Harem.

This is a harem show. It's been a while since Tsukune picked up a new member of his harem, and having a new member of the harem be an older woman would fill a niche. Besides, he's saved her once, Gin clearly isn't interested in her that way (which is... um, just wow) and it looks like she's going to need frequent saving in the future. In fact, this troper bets twenty bucks that the precise turning point is going to be as follows, complete with a dawning look of admiration on Sun's face:

  • Tsukune helps drive off "God", only for Sun to be absolutely terrified of losing adoptive mother Marin, who is going to be understandably freaked that everyone's a demon of some kind. Tsukune is going to give a Motivational Speech on how humans and ayashi can get along thanks to The Power of Friendship, that Sun didn't deceive Marin because she didn't care, but she did, and blah blah blah. Reconciliation occurs, Sun thanks Tsukune complete with a hug which causes the girls to get jealous, a one-off line implying that she finds Tsukune cute/handsome, and... bam. Even Kurumu is going to find it hard to be catty about this one, which might be an interesting dynamic.
    • Well, aside from Gin liking her and Marin being a lot more accepting that I thought, this WMG is essentially proven. I Knew It!!

The Bus Driver is one of the three demon lords.

Doesn't the manga have plenty of hints suggesting this already?

  • This troper thought it was too obvious to even bother bringing up here.
    • This Troper thinks that if the Bus Driver isn't one, he's gotta at least be the Headmaster's brother. I mean they both have the same nose, are the same height and both have the glowing eyes.
      • This troper was going to make that same guess. The two are even seen in the same panel at one point, and the resemblance is uncanny.
  • Jossed. The Demon Lords are the Principal, the Wong Patriarch, and Moka's mother.
    • And this troper is sad.
    • Lies! Ok, well, fine. He's still up to something.

The next big Story Arc will involve our heroes traveling to China with the Wong siblings.

  • Self-explanatory, really. The siblings showing up at the end of chapter 26, right when the seal starts cracking, means that they know something about how to fix it. Chances are they'll have to travel all the way to China to find some uber-rare artifact to restore the seal.
  • Confirmed.
    • Hong Kong actually, but close enough.
      • Last I heard, Hong Kong WAS part of China, since 1997

The Vampire Sisters' Father is one of the Three Dark Kings.

  • Check this out: firstly, Vampires are shown to be crazy strong. The second oldest sister told Moka that dad would be "proud" of her. If Daddy's not a crazy strong Vamp, how could he have 4 different pureblood girls with different moms?
  • Jossed. The Three Dark Kings are the Headmaster, the patriarch of the Wong family, and Moka's mother.

Moka x Tsukune will result in a witch.

  • Because Witches are the boundary between human and supernatural beings.
    • But Manga Tsukune isn't quite human anymore ever since chapter 23 of the first Manga volume.
    • When they say witches are halfway between humans and monsters, I don't think that means they're actual hybrids, but more like from an evolutionary perspective, as in they diverged from humanity at a later point or something.

Nekonome will get fired...

  • And then go to hell, and work at Nether Demon Academy. I mean, she always slashes her students, and in an actual school there is no way that can be good.
  • Sorry, Neko-chan,along w/ most of the school cast was Put on a Bus

Instead of becoming a vampire, Tsukune will evolve into a third type of being (not a witch though)

  • Recent arcs have showcased Tsukune learning how to control the power of the vampire blood in his body without compromising his humanity. In essence, by learning to master this, instead of becoming a vampire, Tsukune is slowly becoming something else, something that can bridge the gap between monsters and humans, which will make his very existence critical in resolving the conflict between the Academy and Fairy Tale. This is further supported by the fact that Tsukune has a foil in the form of Hokuto, who was driven insane and tried to force monsters and humans into open conflict. Whereas Hokuto felt that his monstrous nature and human origins exiled him from both worlds, Tsukune believes that his dual nature will help bring both worlds together.
    • So, He'll become the very first Krusnik?

Moka's mother found out about Fairy Tail's and the Shuzen family working together sometime before the story and disappeared because She knew too much.

Any Bets?, and it will also show that Moka's rosary is actually some sort of magical data holder that will show this.

Moka was somehow physically merged with her mother.

This explains why Outer Moka looks just like her mom, whereas Inner Moka looks like an older version of child-Moka, hair color and all. It also explains why what seemed to be her family name, Akashiya, is in fact based on her mother's given name, Akasha. The difference in personalities may also mean that the girl, or rather the personality, Tsukune fell in love with is actually Moka's mother -- and won't that put a wrinkle in their relationship? ("Sorry, babe; I want to marry your mother instead of you.") No idea why this merger was necessary, or why it resulted in Outer Moka not knowing she's really at least partly Akasha.

  • Heavily hinted to be true in R+V2, Chapter 34, with Tsukune, Mizore, and Touhou Fukai all noting the shift in appearance to resemble Akasha, and Tsukune seeming to connect the 'fake personality' created by the Rosario at this point.
  • God dammit! *I* was going to post that theory! Anyway, on the note of why Outer Moka doesn't remember herself being Akasha, it could be that the rosary suppresses her memories just like it does with Inner Moka.

Tsukune's next training montage will involve him training with Akuha.

In short, Akuha will more or less approve of Tsukune chasing after Moka, perhaps seeing something in him that she likes or whatever. Being a vampire, the simplest way to prove to her younger sister that Tsukune's worth the time is for her to train him a wee bit until he's at Inner Moka's level.

I'm going to leave the option of him accidentally acquiring another Club-Tsukune member open, since really, it might happen.

  • From the look of things, Akuha might actually be another mid-boss...
    • Based on Chapter 31, Akuha wants the blood of the Shinso ... the very special blood ... that Moka's been periodically injecting into Tsukune...
      • Given that Akuha would obviously prefer if there were a way to get that blood without killing her beloved little sister, probably so.

The Bus Driver is Satan.

Because seriously, that guy is too awesome to not be someone important.

The Bus Driver is Tsukune from the Future.

In the future after becoming more powerful than all three of the Dark Lords combined and achieving world peace between humans and monsters, he travels back in time to ensure that it happens by becoming a Stealth Mentor to himself.

Akuha placed those dudes who attacked Moka in chapter 30 so she could get more closer to Moka and thus to her mother.

It's looking obvious that she was planning the whole time on getting close to Moka's mother to obtain the shinzo power and was probably willing to go to any length to get it even if it means tricking the young Moka to trusting her.

  • Akuha really does care deeply for Moka, though, which decidedly was not part of the plan. That's why she waited until Moka had left before going after Akasha, so that Moka wouldn't have to see it happen. Her original plan was to take out Akasha at the first opportunity.

Tsukune will seal his shinsou power inside Moka's rosary.

After long monologues and angst, he will bring back Outer Moka by sealing himself with the rosary thus recreating the sealing ceremony and Outer Moka's memories and personality. Except it will have an unexpected result and Inner and Outer Moka will become two separate girls.

Kurumu invented Extraction.

After graduating the high school, she applied her dream-entering skill to psychology and neurology (am I getting it right?) know the rest.

Tsukune is already a Shinso.

Since one becomes a Shinso by receiving or coming into contact with Shinso blood, and Moka spent a good deal of the first season injecting her Shinso blood into Tsukune's jugular, it only stands to reason that 2 + 2 = Shinso.

    • ...Shinso.
      • As of Chapter 41 of Series 2 it seems like it. Tsukune apparently smells like Alucard and Touhou says that since he received Moka's blood after she got Akasha's blood .]]

Tsukune will soon replace Akasha as the third Dark King

Tsukune will soon pass Inner Moka in might, and later her mother as well, and become the new Demon King after ushering in a new age of Monster and Human (and Witch, and Monstrel, and whatever new things Ishida decides to shove in) equality.

Akasha is Akasha from The Vampire Chronicles

The whole Rosario+Vampire universe is her hallucination before she dies. Makes sense if you take for granted that Outer Moka is her mother.

There will be a second Anime Adaptation

Which will include all the darker aspects of the series, like Tsukune turning into a ghoul, and perhaps less fanservice.

  • We can only hope.
    • It would be pretty nice, but let's face it, if every anime that the fans ever complained about got a Truer to the Text adaptation, every animation studio in Japan would be knee-deep in remakes for the next five years. If you want to see the story from the manga, re-read the manga.

The bus driver an Archangel

His mission is to find the human able to unite monsters with other monsters and unite monsters and humans. Also, he is the strongest character in the series and is able to defeat an enemy only with his glare. He is SO powerful that he has to remain in his human form. If he has to reveal his True form, the weakest characters(90% of the students and some teachers) would be harmed by the incredible levels of power, awesomeness and Doubtful orientation.... Also, the school's barriers couldn't contain so higher levels of awesomeness and would be destroyed in less than a second...

Sun will show up in the upcoming battle.

Tsukune's gang more or less declared war on Fairy Tail and remember how Sun told (well, wrote) him that he has her support? With her power, it would make things a whole lot easier.

Kuyou will come back as an ally.

Maybe, just maybe... it would make for an interesting dynamic.

Alucard is the Vampire Sisters' father

Which might explain why their mother didn't just kill him instead of sealing him away. She still loved him and couldn't bear to destroy him.

  • Uhh, no. Seriously, the same chapter we meet Akuha, we meet their father. This was jossed before it was made. Try to put some effort into it next time.
    • My bad. Sorry.

The Bus Driver is Akihisa Ikeda

  • Come on, the guy knows everything that's happening. It just has to be.

Akuha is going to turn Moka into a second Alucard

Akuha's main purpose is to destroy the entire world using the power of the Shinso and Alucard. The problem is the only Shinso left is her sister, whom she loves to much to brutally murder and steal her blood. I'd bet her solution to this is to lure Moka, with the promise of getting Akasha back, into merging/fusing/absorbing/whatever-the-fuck-you-want-to-call-it with Alucard which allows her to destroy the world she so hates while staying together with her sister forever.

Fairy Tale has plans for Moka...

Something that's way over Akuha's head. They sent Akuha to the Wong Mansion for that purpose, but left Akuha under the assumption that they were just letting her reunite with her dear younger sister because she asked. Whatever Fairy Tail has lined up would be bad for Moka (of the life-threatening variety), and the moment Akuha finds out she'll rip them a new one. Dimensionally.

Akasha herself is "Outer Moka"

Right before "sacrificing" herself to reseal Alucard, Akasha placed part of her soul into Moka's rosario; with most of her power gone, this fragment merged with Moka's personality to create "Outer Moka", and her own memories were sealed by the rosario's power. As "Outer Moka", Akasha can subconsciously manipulate Moka's actions somewhat. Following this...

Akasha split her and Moka's Shinso powers between Moka and Tsukune

Akasha probably knew or knows what Fairy Tale's goals entail and how they require the power of a Shinso vampire in order to execute them. In order to hinder their plans and at the same time protect her daughter, Akasha planned to manipulate Moka into transferring a large portion of this power into another vessel; the presence of Tsukune as well as the ordeal involving the school enforcers back in volume 3 provided the perfect chance (what better place to hide the ultimate vampire-power than in a human?). However, she hadn't counted on his being able to use the power, or either of them reaching full Shinsou power anyway...

Gin has not yet revealed his true power

Gin's awesomeness increases exponentially every time he takes an active role. First he manages to briefly overwhelm Inner Moka during their first encounter. Later, he beats up Kuyou and shields Tsukune and the girls from his special attack. Lastly, he destroys one of the Fairy Tail branches with minimal effort. And now that everybody is preparing for the most difficult fight of their lives, the guy is seen relaxing atop of a tree...the calm before the storm, my friends.

Fairy Tale is going to end up trying to use Tsukune to unlock Alucard instead of Moka

He has enough Alucard blood in him to transform into an Alucard-monster temporarily during his transformation into a demon, obviously more active power than Moka. This will become evident during the fighting, at which point they'll switch gears, knock him out, bring him to where Moka is, and force him to help them.

In the next fight w/ a Sub-Division leader, Kurumu & Mizore will team up.

Basically, they trained under Gin before Season 2 & became skilled at combo attacks. Also, their opponent will be none other than Sub-Division 1 Leader Miyabi!

The author has already planned out a way to untangle the harem.

Tsukune and Moka will end up together, Kurumu will finally give up on Tsukune (possibly after another arc of pining over him) and realize that she loves Gin, Yukari will probably end up with Fong-Fong (or possibly Kokoa), and Mizore will be paired with some other villain-turned-good. If there's another story arc after this one, it's likely that it will be in that one that we find Mizore's partner. Of course, she could just keep spending the rest of her life stalking Tsukune, and she might even be fine with that arrangement....

  • What, no love for Kurumu and Mizore together?

Alucard upon awkening will not attack humans.

Instead, Alucard seeks to destroy monsters.

  • I feel the need to elaborate, with a more thorough WMG borrowing from one above about Gyokuro being the Moka to Alucard's Tsukune. The entire time since he gained his power from Gyokuro, Alucard has been running a massive power gambit. He knew Gyokuro would seek a way to revive him after being sealed, and Fairy Tale just happens to be aiming for his revival in hopes that he will wipe out humanity. By this point, power is all he seeks. Upon his revival, he will consume and absorb Gyokuro, and potentially the Masked Man and Akuha, and then proceed to begin devouring every monster he can get his appendages on. Eventually, he will probably ensnare the rest of Tsukune and Inner Moka's friends, leaving those two with no other option than to take down Alucard before it's too late. Even with their Shinso blood, theyll initially have a hard time. But their love for each other and their friendships with the others will help them pull through. Somehow.

The Masked King's true identity is Issa Shuzen.

It could happen, since Gyokuro is willing to take orders from him. It would also make sense that he would not reveal his face to Akuha, who was an assassin for the Miao family, to keep an eye on her and further his plans. He was also the final antagonist for the anime, and hated humans with a passion, so it would not be improbable for such a mysterious character to be a villain.

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