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"Oh, why must we give these lighthearted creatures such terrible, dark backstories?"
" and he [Ron] apparently was promised Hermione as a reward for his manipulation of myself over the years, by none other that Dumbledore, in cahoots with Molly. They were going to dose me and Hermione, set me up to be killed in the battle with Tom, and take my estates to be divided up between their little coalition.. Ron was to get Puddlemere as a present, Ginny and Molly the Potter name and money.. this is something I will not forgive."
Harry Potter, Bring To Order
"This'll be fun, right sweetie," Ron said with malice.
Ron Weasley, Dark Secrets
I thought we were best mates, and this is how you repay me. We slept in the same dorm for the past 5 years and you knew all my secrets and I knew all yours. You knew I was poor yet you still decided to take away what money I did have because you decided to Harry Potter. I cannot believe you did this to me. Our friendship is over. I did what Dumbledore asked, I befriended Harry Potter. Too bad he was so stuck up that he couldn’t let somebody else also have money. You will never get anybody. I can guarantee that. Hermione will realize this one day and come to me crying. I will gladly help her through her heart ache just to see the almighty Harry Potter lose something. I can not wait to see you in court because I will tell the court for what you truly are, a lying, backstabbing, two timing, stuck up prick.

 Ron entered their bedroom to find his pregnant wife dead on the floor. He said to no one.

"Stupid bitch. Who's going to watch the kids now?"
Ron Weasley, Paybacks are a Witch
Ok, Ron is acting really dumb……………..but it’s my story. Ron is my least fave character and I make him how I want him to be dumb cuz he is. Sorry for the inconvenience.
—A fic that is no longer available.
She had pushed Ron -– gently, as always -– for a newer, bigger apartment, but Ron simply roared at her, calling her a stuck-up pig with her fancy airs while he slaved day and night at the Auror office, and that by God, she would be satisfied with what she had. She had bit her tongue and said no more that day, but she knew that with an Auror's salary they could afford an apartment ten times bigger, if Ron didn't drink and whore it away.
Hermione Granger, The Last War (and It Gets Worse from there)
"I'm a sexist man with a sexist man's needs and you've got what I need - a woman to rape for no reason!"
Ron Raper (née Weasley), Becoming Female
Hermione had never been so angry, walking towards them was the unmistakeable figure of Ron Weasley but it was the two partially clothed, collar wearing teenage girls who he was pulling along behind him that had her temper at previous unrecorded levels...The sneer on his face was pure evil and the authority contained in his voiced command brokered no argument, "I'm evoking pureblood law so you mudblood can get down on your knees and attend to my needs now, the half blood can have the pleasure of watching."
Ron Weasley, More Important Things
The more beautiful and pure something is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it.
Rule 43, helping to explain the prevalence of this trope.
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