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"Ok, Ron is acting really dumb...but it’s my story. Ron is my least fave character and I make him how I want him to be dumb cuz he is. Sorry for the inconvenience."
A fic that is no longer available

The result of shoehorning a good canon character into being a villain or making a villain significantly more evil than in canon is Ron the Death Eater, the inverse of Draco in Leather Pants.

This can be seen as a kind of deliberate Flanderization -- Often, in creating Ron the Death Eater, a fanfic writer spins his canonical (non-evil) actions into evil acts, and every possible negative trait of the character is exaggerated until they become a Complete Monster. A measure of ruthlessness becomes complete and utter sociopathy, a tendency towards holding grudges becomes an obsessive hatred of anything they dislike, slight denseness becomes raging stupidity, et cetera.

This is often the result of a Draco in Leather Pants, but it doesn't have to be -- some characters inspire this sort of hatred on their own, either by their canon merits or by being a romantic rival that interferes with the writer's One True Pairing, especially if the subject is part of an Official Couple.

In other cases, it seems like the target character, regardless of their original characterization, will simply default to one of two stock personalities, based entirely on their gender. Basically, male characters end up as drunken rapist assholes while female characters end up as manipulative vindictive bitches.

The fic may also have other characters who are canonically friends of the victim act as though he or she has always been an object of justified loathing, rather than going the "shocked at betrayal" approach. Or, even if these characters end up siding with the Draco in Leather Pants, they are subject to some Ron The Death Eater-ness themselves by way of "I was stupid to love him and not you".

In a number of cases however this is deliberately invoked by fans who think a good character looks better evil. This is quite common in doujinshi where an otherwise normal male character suddenly becomes a psychotic rapist or where a female character becomes a sadistic bitch who gets other girls raped.

Named for the tendency in Harry Potter fanfics where Draco turns good and hooks up with Hermione to have Ron -- in Canon a decent, upstanding sort of fellow firmly on the side of good who happens to have a long-standing enmity with Draco -- lose his mind and, often, join Lord Voldemort just for a chance at killing the sainted Malfoy.

A Sub-Trope of Demonization.

Compare Die for Our Ship (which is a major cause of this trope), Historical Villain Upgrade, and Adaptational Villainy.

Contrast Draco in Leather Pants.

And last but not least, fandoms that have so many examples of this that they needed to be moved to their own pages:

Now you, too, can join in the madness!

Examples (sorted by the original canons' media):

Anime and Manga

 Souichiro: Pray that there's a Taco Bell in Hell!

  • Akane Tendo from Ranma 1/2 gets hit with this quite hard in fics pairing Ranma with other people, especially from Ranma/Ukyo fans:
    • The Bitter End is infamous for twisting Akane from a tsundere into a psychotic abuser, while Ukyo is painted as a loving and loyal friend who ultimately failed to rescue the man she loved from Akane.
    • Mike Rhea's fics portrayed her as a shrieking harpy who makes Ranma's life a living hell, and Ranma never misses a chance to point out how much he hated being engaged to her and how much happier he is with Ukyo instead of "that uncute tomboy who couldn't even cook a good meal." Post-canon fics fobbed her off onto Ryouga and Akari, where she was supposedly happy popping out babies for Ryouga for the rest of her life.
    • Ryouga gets this treatment even in non-shippy fics. In canon, he's Ranma's eternal rival who occasionally shows signs of considering him a friend. In fanfic, he's either attempting to ruin Ranma's life, cheering from the sidelines as someone else does it, or raping Ranma's female form.
  • A good number of Sorcerer Hunters fics pulled this on Carrot or Gateau, depending on whom Marron was being shipped with. If it was Gateau, Carrot would become a homophobic jerkass who pretty much disowned his brother for being gay. If it was Carrot, Gateau would inexplicably become an abusive rapist.
    • Carrot could also get this in Tira/Marron fics, written as a flippant jerk who broke Tira's heart or chose her sister so she could run sobbing into Marron's arms.
  • Pokémon:
    • Many Ash/Misty fics in the old days had Gary either going out of his way to hurt Misty to emotionally cripple Ash, or simply kidnapping and trying to have his way with her so Ash could rescue her. In canon, Gary didn't acknowledge her much outside of her being a gym leader he fought once, his japes were always aimed at Ash.
    • Brock was also placed in such a role, though it didn't happen as much as with Gary.
    • Misty's sisters got this treatment from fans who believed they were evil and abusive simply because they were shallow and gave Misty a hard time (you know, as older siblings do). Completely ignoring that they did love Misty and told her as much in their debut episode.
    • Misty herself got hit with this in fics that paired Ash with other people (usually Gary, May, or Brock). She went from a tsundere who cared for Ash despite fighting with him to an evil Clingy Jealous Girl who wanted Ash all to herself and would even attack anyone who tried to get close to him.
    • Cori Falls's fanfiction loves this trope. Jessiebelle, James's fiance, is portrayed as a Complete Monster who would murder Jessie in cold blood just to be able to keep James chained to her forever. In a non-shippy sense, Ash Ketchum is made into a holy terror whose only purpose in life is to ruin the trio's.
  • This Bleach fic, written as a crazed BNF's "farewell" to the series, has Ishida dump Orihime for Renji while Orihime is twisted into a crazed, psychotic, fully hateable yandere. The fic ends with her being erased from existence and written off as a tragic mess who would soon be forgotten forever. All because Orihime dared get with the boy she loved, marry him, and have his child instead of "growing up" by abandoning her love for Ichigo to hop on Ishida's dick and have his babies.

Comic Books

  • Parodied in The Unwritten, about a son of a writer who got famous after creating a series of novels very similar to Harry Potter. The first two start with fragments of those books, and the third with a fragment of Frankenstein. The first page of the fourth issue shows Harry's counterpart slaughtering Ron's and Hermione's counterparts in a really terrible way, only to have it turn out on the next page that it's a Dark Fic.
  • The entire League of Extraordinary Gentlemen seems to be based around this trope. Mina, who at the end of Dracula was happily married to Jonathan Harker at the end of Dracula divorces her husband and presumably abandons her child prior to the beginning of the first volume The upstanding Great White Hunter Alan Quatermain is an opium addict. Perhaps the most extreme example is from Black Dossier. The comic features a violent, sociopathic, date rapist version of James Bond in a Lawyer-Friendly Cameo. Jonathan Harker goes from a loving and fiercely devoted husband to dumping his wife for being 'soiled goods'.
  • Tron: Ghost in the Machine (based off the Alternate Continuity of Tron 2.0) depicts Alan as somewhat callous, work-driven, and harsh towards his son. Of course, his circumstances in the 2.0 timeline suck worse than his circumstances in the Tron: Legacy one - Flynn still vanishes, but he's been relegated to a lab instead of the boardroom, and while Lora's alive in Legacy, she died in 2.0 - but the depiction really goes off the rails when he was shown murdering his wife in a jealous rage. Granted, it was just an attempt to Mind Rape Jet, but...


  • Oh the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    • The most obvious example is everything to do with Loki. After Thor, the fangirls denounced everyone in Asgard as spiteful, lunkheaded, primitive abusers of such a precious cinnamon roll.
    • Captain America: Civil War opened the doors to do this for either Cap or Iron Man, depending on which hero you think was right. If you think Cap was right, then Iron Man is a Tautological Templar Karma Houdini Hypocrite trying to make the world pay for his mistakes. If you think Iron Man was right, then Cap is a He Who Fights Monsters Hypocrite, becoming no worse than the Red Skull in his belief that he knows what's best and would sacrifice anyone and everything just to make sure that so much as a gentle breeze doesn't hurt Bucky.
      • The Tony fangirls insisted that Cap fell victim to this as early as The Avengers, demonizing him as ignorant, backwards thinking, anti-intellectual, bully. This is born out of the fact that Tony's outside the box thinking, and his acceptance of the Hulk, was what led to victory in the film. Even Cap's sinking of the HYDRA helicarriers is reinterpreted as him creating a new crisis (a lack of SHIELD) so he doesn't become obsolete in the 21st century and, of course, Cap didn't care about the citizens of D.C. that he was dropping the helicarriers on.
      • Diehard Wanda fans in Age of Ultron insist that Tony was personally responsible for the deaths of her and Pietro's parents. Discounting the fact that Tony's contributions to his company are mostly R&D, given Sokovia's status as a war-torn third-world ex-Soviet state, it's much more likely that the defective bomb was sold by Obadiah Stane.
    • Before Age of Ultron showed that Clint was married, Clintasha was the most popular ship based around him. This led to massive Ron the Death Eater syndrome for Mockingbird, Clint's comic love interest. Despite the fact that Mockingbird hadn't even appeared yet in the MCU. And yes, poor Laura Barton got this treatment too.
    • Even Thanos is not safe from this. In Avengers: Infinity War, he's portrayed as a Noble Demon and Well-Intentioned Extremist. In many fanfics that continued the film, or outright rewrote it, such as the aforementioned Balance, Thanos is a Complete Monster Generic Doomsday Villain who only wants the Infinity Stones for the sake of his own personal power and doesn't give a damn about anyone else.
    • Star-Lord after Infinity War given that he screwed up the plan to restrain Thanos. In fairness to Quill, he'd just learnt that the love of his life had been killed and his reaction was completely justified, it just happened at the worst possible time. Quill even acknowledges his error later on but that doesn't stop some fans from viewing him as a complete asshole who deserved to be Snapped away.
  • After Star Trek: Into Darkness aired, the Federation became a People's Republic of Tyranny that squashed out anything different, brainwashed children from youth, and harassed innocent species so as to give Khan a villain to fight against.
  • An amusing example in Star Wars. Jar-Jar Binks was meant to be a Kid Appeal Character, and to an extent they succeeded in that, but the older fandom found him to be The Scrappy before the Darth Jar-Jar meme was born. In this case, Ron the Death Eater makes the character even more beloved.


Live-Action TV

  • In the, since removed, Friends fic Somebody Save Me, Richard -- a perfectly nice, well-loved guy whose relationship with Monica only broke up because of May-December Romance problems -- was portrayed as a drunken, selfish, physically and emotionally abusive rapist who does not care for Monica at all, so that Chandler can be there to protect and rescue Monica from her evil abuser. Why an OC abusive boyfriend could not have been made up, seeing as Monica dates dozens of men throughout the run of Friends, is a mystery. It's not the only one of its kind either.
  • One particularly bad and extremely unsettling NSFW Degrassi fic called The Junkie Journals turns Riley Stavros into a rapist, MindRapeist, gay basher, drug addict, Jerk Jock, Villain Sue, and Karma Houdini. He's such a Complete Monster that people walk away from the story feeling like they've come across the seedy underbelly of the world. All of this without warning or explanation. The main character of the story is also rescued by Peter but it's a mystery why the so-called "author" couldn't just make up an OC who's a Complete Monster instead of having to defile Riley's character.
  • Allecto's controversial critiques of Firefly are something of an extreme example of this; the actions of several of the characters (and especially the white male ones) are often twisted in order to fit an extreme feminist reading, thus unfairly painting them as evil.
  • Back when he was first introduced to the show as Lucy's future husband, fics portraying Kevin Kinkirk of 7th Heaven as a domestic abuser were a dime a dozen. Here's an example. The trend died down a bit after season 8, thankfully.
  • The web series Zack Morris is Trash is all about making Zack from Saved By The Bell look as evil as possible. While a lot of his actions were morally questionable at best and he could be a massive jerkass to his friends, this series goes from merely pointing it out to blaming Zack for everything bad about the series. Even things other people clearly did!
  • When Doctor Who was rebooted and allowed for romance, this trope arrived in full force. While it can apply to anyone, it's most frequently used by Rose/Doctor shippers who vilify Martha Jones, River Song, and Clara Oswald, despite those three, unlike Rose, acknowledging that, though they love the Doctor, they can't stay with him forever and that, one day, they'll have to move on.
    • And of course, there are those who don't like Rose at all, viewing her an Entitled to Have You (with respect to both the Doctor and Mickey) Clingy Jealous Girl who would damn all of creation just to reunite with the Doctor.
  • iCarly has one of the most toxic fandoms that ever existed so of course this applies.
    • For Creddie shippers, Sam is an unrepentant monster who sabotages any chance of Carly and Freddie being together and openly dreams of murdering Freddie and/or his mother.
    • For Seddie shippers, Carly is an Alpha Bitch who strings Freddie along, and will never ever return his feelings.
    • And in all the Fix Fics born out of Seasons 4 and 5, everyone bar Freddie (and Col. Steven Shay) is this. Though one could argue that Freddie (and Col. Steven Shay) succumbs to this, mixing it in with Fixer Sue, as the Fix Fic becomes an increasingly elaborate Revenge Fic.
  • And while its sister show Victorious isn't as bad, it gets in on it too.
    • The Bade shippers view every action that Tori takes, no matter how helpful and nice it is towards Beck and Jade, as part of a carefully calculated scheme to bring Bade crashing down. Never mind that the show went out of its way to show that Tori is not crushing on Beck but that he's crushing on her.
      • In fact, since Bade is so hated In-Universe, everyone bar Beck and Jade (except maybe Cat should they be feeling generous) can get this treatment in a Bade fic.
    • And though they don't indulge in it as much, the Bori (Beck/Tori) shippers are known to fire back and make Jade an irredeemable Jerkass. In fact, some early Tandré/Cabbie fics still cast Jade as Satan's daughter. She didn't have any impact on the plot, they just hated her and wanted her to get some Laser-Guided Karma.
    • But all that is nothing compared to how the Jori (Jade/Tori) shippers treat Beck who's now become a misogynistic Jerkass and possible Domestic Abuser.


  • It's semi-canonical, in that the text can be interpreted in different ways, but a lot of productions of The Merchant of Venice (notably that with Laurence Olivier as Shylock) not only make Shylock as sympathetic as is possible, but also chose the most unflattering interpretations of the protagonists' characters. i.e., Bassanio is an Impoverished Patrician with traces of Gold Digger but is the most sympathetic of Portia's prospect husbands, and yet many adaptation make him a full-blooded materialistic bastard.

Video Games

  • Fire Emblem has quite a few of these due to the massive shipping wars:
    • Jealousy, a Chrom/boy!Robin fic that makes no bones about how the author feels about Sumia and her relationship with Chrom. Sumia goes from a sweet, clumsy, friendly girl who may have a crush on her prince to a whiny, petty little bitch who actively tries to break up Chrom and the male Robin's "true love" by baking pies. Boy!Robin doesn't come off too well either, turning him from a loyal friend into a just as petty jackass who tells Sumia "Well I had his child, so you can just back the fuck off."
    • Sumia gets it again in this fic, portrayed as a bitter, hateful bitch who wanted Chrom all for herself and only helps out an ailing female Avatar just so Chrom and the others won't yell at her. This also slides into Double Standard, as Gaius harbors feelings for the Avatar but falls more into the camp of I Want My Beloved To Be Happy.
    • A fic called "Sandpaper and Satin" that's since been taken down portrayed Prince Lyon from The Sacred Stones as a passive-aggressive creep and all of Grado as sexist assholes who treated Eirika like a pretty prize for their prince. Eirika was shown whining and moaning about how much she hated it and begging Seth to rescue her.
    • Innes gets this portrayal in a lot of Seth/Eirika fanfics, made into an entitled jerkass who tries to force Eirika into marriage with him so Seth can step in and rescue her. Cath is a good example, and so is pretty much anything by this author.
    • Many Oboro/Ryoma fics portray Takumi as an uncaring jerk who purposely ignores Oboro's feelings, so Ryoma can sweep her off her feet and make her feel better.
    • A weird example is this Finn/Lachesis fic, which portrays Lachesis (aka one half of the pairing) in a negative light by having her push herself onto Finn, who is portrayed as pretty much completely gay and only giving into Lachesis's demands for sex because he's apparently too spineless to say no. His mental descriptions of her body and certain...effects of heterosexual sex come off as borderline misogynistic.
  • N Harmonia of Pokémon Black and White was consistently written as a rapist during the Unova fandom's heyday. The ones where he forced himself on Hilda so whoever the author shipped her with could rescue and comfort her were bad enough, but fics about the ship itself had N "raping her in a moment of passion" and the two ending up together. While N had no social skills, sense of boundaries, and creepy moments in the games themselves, he showed no signs of being so stupid about sex he would end up thinking rape was a good idea.
    • Grimsley is a frequent target of this as well, due to his mysterious nature and gothic looks. One fic flat-out says he rapes all female trainers who challenge him, and has been raping Shauntal for years. Then he rapes and impregnates Hilda.


  • Bro Strider, Dave's badass older brother in Homestuck, is subjected to this by fans who take his over the top Training From Hell of Dave too seriously and treat their relationship as down right abusive in one way or another, nevermind there is little to no evidence of this and Dave obviously loves and respects his older brother. A good example of this attitude is in Out of His Depth A Dave/Tavros fic, where he is both abusive and a homophobic jerkass who's only real purpose in the fic is to provide a reason for Dave to be reluctant to admit his feelings and someone for Tavros to stand up to. This is a bit Hilarious in Hindsight as the fic was written before the Alpha Universe versions of the kids' Guardians were introduced and Bro's own counterpart Dirk is revealed to be both a pretty nice guy and, more importantly, openly gay.

Western Animation

  • In the Teen Titans fic Intertwining Hearts, Robin behaves like a jerk when Starfire tells him she wants to include Raven in their relationship (normal for Tamaran). So instead, Starfire and Raven include Beast Boy in their relationship. Robin is not that evil, however (though he does briefly attempt breaking up Starfire and Raven), and the fic ends with him having an emotional breakdown.
  • My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic:
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • Infamous example: Mai in the fan comic How I Became Yours. Because how dare the woman be angry that her husband cheated on her and had a kid with another woman, clearly she deserves to be killed.
    • Aang in this Toph/Katara fic, Do you hate me?, is twisted into a swearing, angry jackass who throws rocks and hurts Toph on purpose. Granted, this does take place during "The Desert" and he was angry at Toph for not saving Appa, but he'd never go out of his way to hurt her. He, in fact, became upset after intentionally hurting creatures that are a combination of buzzards and wasps.
    • Embers. Katara's season three rage over Zuko getting Aang mostly-killed after she'd started to trust him is transposed into a season one homicidal fury that Zuko is of the Fire Nation and has the nerve to be a better healer than she is. Since then, Katara has been publicly humiliated by the amazing Zuko in three or four different ways and has been reclaimed as an acceptable being, but is being used as a prop in the new goal of showing that Aang is a horrible, selfish boy who is deeply intolerant of everything that doesn't fit into his childhood culture (which by the way is secretly evil).
    • The Zutara "epic" Stormbenders portrays Aang as a selfish, unsympathetic child who refuses to grow up (by which the author means "give up the ideals he holds close to him because they're all he has left of his dead culture") and whose initial refusal to give up his love for Katara caused the fall of the Earth Kingdom.
    • This fic has Aang beating and abusing Katara so she can run into Zuko's arms. That said, the opening author's note does apologize for using this trope.
  • X-Men: Evolution:
    • Not Just A Sleepoverdepicts Cyclops aka Scott Summers as a humorless, oppressing, and incompetent would-be dictator who just hates the Brotherhood for no reason at all.
    • Tsunami depicts Jean Grey as a cliché Alpha Bitch, with everyone vocally denouncing her as a two-faced bitch, all while her powers are degraded to Pre-Claramont Comics!Jean level in order to "fix" how "perfect" she is.
    • In Diamonds Are A Fuzzy Dudes Best Friend Scott and Jean get this treatment.
    • Logan Vs Lance has Lance portrayed as a cheating, abusive, Bastard Boyfriend to motivate the X-Men to beat him up so Kitty would have a reason to break up with him.
  • In the interest of saving time, we're going to just tell you that there are some Transformers fans who honestly believe that the Decepticons are a group of Well-Intentioned Extremists and that the Autobots are evil communists who make other planets dependent on them. Keep in mind that genocide is standard operating procedure for Decepticons when they conquer a planet and that Optimus Prime has willingly sacrificed long-term victories just to rescue one person.
    • And yes, some also view the Maximals as a corrupt upper-class and the Predacons as an unfairly repressed minority. To be fair, this has some canon basis but it's clearly nowhere near as bad as the fanfics portray it as.
    • When it comes to the characters, just know that if any Autobot displays any signs of moral greying, they're liable to have this done to them. Sentinel Prime is a Jerkass sure, but in fanfics, he's a closet Decepticon. Bulkhead doesn't like risking his life to rescue Jerkasses or Ungrateful Bastards so he must be a Sociopathic Soldier. Optimus Prime annexed Earth to protect it from Galvatron so he must be a Galactic Conqueror with delusions of godhood while Starscream; who keep in mind, murdered, lied, and manipulated his way into office and ran countless shady side bets; is not only an overworked but well meaning politician but the only sincere politician who ever lived.
    • The Triumph of Time series, which features the aforementioned defamation of Optimus, continues to vilify all the Autobots, and the Thirteen Primes. The latter does have some justification as the outline for the story was written before The Reveal that Onyx Prime was really Shockwave in disguise and was acting as The Corrupter to the Primes, and it seemed that the Thirteen were simply victims of Adaptational Villainy (though the comics still portrayed them as much better than this fic does).
  • This entire blog is all about painting Doug Funnie as a pyscho, mostly for his constant fantasy sequences but also viewing everything he does in a negative light.
  • Every Dark Secret revealed about Rose Quartz/Pink Diamond inspires more and more hate for her. Many reviews for The Movie even said "You'll find a new reason to hate Pink Diamond."
    • To a lesser extent Yellow Diamond. Sure she was a villain for most of the show, but fanfics really amp it up.
    • Pearl was also victim to this in earlier episodes, given her Clingy Jealous Girl tendencies towards Rose before more of her backstory and insecurities were revealed.
  • Gaz in The New Adventures of Invader Zim. Granted she was never the nicest girl in the world but here she's a self-proclaimed nihilist who openly says that she doesn't care if Zim destroys Earth and has actually helped him just to spite Dib. Though per Word of God, this may be toned down given how Gaz was made more likeable in Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus.
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