Ron Pardo is a Canadian born teacher turned voice actor/comedian. Known largely for his voice range, he's provided voice work for dozens of Cartoons and Anime. And has done some on-camera work on occasion.

Interesting fact: the hometown he grew up in was named after his ancestors. And is a musician on the side.

Pardo has been seen or heard in:

  • History Bites - Main cast member; various parts.
  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers - Dr. Michael/Hal-G, Juggernoid, Asura, Clayf, Dan's Dad, Fourtress, Fefnir, Warius, Naga (episode 8), Kato, others
    • Bakugan: New Vestroya - Dr. Michael, Abis Omega, Dan's Dad, Nemus, Tatsuo, Kato, Juggernoid, Wilda, Shinjiro, Jelidan, Krakix, Clayf, others
    • Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders - Krakix, Kato, Coredom
    • Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge - Kato, Marucho's Dad
    • Hal-G and Vladitor in the video game adaption.
  • World of Quest Quest, Graer, Shadowseed, Khaos, Additional voices
  • Spider Riders - Opening Narrator
  • Turbo Dogs - Ump
  • Ned's Newt - Newton for the last few episodes of season 3.
  • Undercover Brother - Chuck
  • Hairspray (2007 film) - Male 'Good Morning Baltimore' Host
  • Metal Fight Beyblade - Phoenix, Ryo, others
  • Medabots - Dr. Eugene Aki, Tyrelbettle, Gentleheart, others
  • Bob & Doug - Rupert, others
  • Sons of Butcher - Giorgio Jones
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes - Head Clown (Episode - Rear Pickle/Clowns Gone Wild)
  • The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! - Aurillia, Elmore (Digging the Deep/Puddle Puzzle); Gary, Treetop Tom (Help with Kelp/Treetop Tom); Diggery, Rocky (Secret Super Digger/Pucker Up and Blow), other characters in other episodes.
  • Marvin the Tap Dancing Horse - Marvin the Tap Dancing Horse, Stripes the Tiger
  • The Ripping Friends - Thursday Man, Man Man
  • Additional voices in Moville Mysteries, The Berenstain Bears (2003 series), Busytown Mysteries, Bob and Margaret and numerous others.

Tropes Associated with Pardo:

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