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Ever since his Face Heel Turn in 2011, R-Truth has been a source of many memes and a periodic belly laugh. [1]

24/7 Championship

Whenever Truth is the champion, it's expected that he ends up being chased by mobs of superstars grabbing a referee to take the gold. Even Carmella, his The Not Love Interest watching his back, had to come even the most convoluted disguises to avoid their pursuers, which doesn't even work either.

  • R-Truth is the new 24/7 Champion! Except, he called it something different: the new European Champion. He also referred to it as the 48/7 Television European Title on the June 10, 2019 episode of Raw.
  • Losing the title to Jinder Mahal on two occasions: one at a golf course and the second in an airport tarmac in Germany before take off.
    • When Truth reclaims the championship in the golf course moments after Jinder having won the belt, Jinder gives chase but to no avail, you can even see him Corpsing during Truth's escape.
    • Six hours later, when the plane is 40,000 feet above the Red Sea, Truth sneakily scouts for Jinder amongst the sleeping passengers, taking off the blankets to find him, he even inadvertently woke No Way Jose at one point. When Truth does pin Jinder while he's sleeping, his victory celebration ended up waking the other superstars on the plane who proceed to chase him all the way to the lavatory.
  • On the June 17 episode of RAW, after a Squash Match courtesy of The Viking Raiders, the camera suddenly cut to two people in the front row, who turned out to be Truth and Carmella in previously-mentioned hilariously bad disguises (Truth wearing a powdered wig and holding an obviously plastic baby, Carmella having a Chaplin-esque moustache for example). As expected, several of the people who had been chasing him for weeks rushed down the ramp with a ref in tow while Fabulous Truth hightailed it.
    • At one point R-Truth hid under the ring as several superstars grabbed a pair of legs from underneath the ring...only for them to pull out Titus O'Neil in a hilarious Call-Back to his infamous Greatest Royal Rumble gaffe.
  • Carmella's match vs. Mandy Rose, and Truth accompanies Mella wearing a blonde wig and a tank top. Think Truth managed to avoid getting chased? But, halfway through the match, several superstars with a referee emerge from the ramp and prepare to set their sights on the 24/7 champion; ending the women's match in a no contest. As Truth and Mella are chased out into the audience, commentators Tom Phillips and Corey Graves get into an argument with Byron Saxton:

  The Miz: But, the wildest scene in my mind, to ever take place... Truth, a man's wedding?! Really?

  (Truth takes out his glasses, with a shocked expression)

  The Miz: Really?!

  Crowd: Really!

  The Miz: Really?!

  Crowd: Really!

  The Miz: (turns attention to the audience) And you're supporting this?

  Crowd: YES!

  Renee Young: Savages...

  • "I haven't been able to eat, drink... or be married! If you know what I mean. I can't go to the grocery story, I can't go to picnics without having to look over my back! I even got WWE Superstars showin' up at my crib! My house... Dressed like the police! "Sir, please turn your music down!", "Sir, your car's on fire!" Tch! Yeah, you heard bruh, I'm smarter than that!"
  • Even when losing the title to Drake Maverick for the second time around, Maverick and his wife's honeymoon goes hilariously wrong as Truth managed to bribe his way to the couple's private room, he managed to sneak in with a disguised referee as room service while R-Truth pins Drake before Drake and his wife have sex.
  • At Summerslam 2019, Truth and Carmella pop up as the "Canadian announce team" with Carmella (bearing a Cockney accent) as "Shania Twain" and Truth as "D-Wayne Gretzky".
  • The duo just waiting at a doctor's office to ambush Mike Kanelis for the title with Truth "distracting" him by popping out a baby doll.
  • While in Tennessee, Truth and Carmella run into Mayor Glenn Jacobs (aka Kane) while on a tour. R-Truth just look at this man he's met about a hundred times in the ring and says "Don't I know you? Oh, of course, Magic Johnson! Wait, wait, my bad...Larry Bird!"
    • During the aforementioned segment, Truth repeatedly thinks that Kane is the President.
    • Kane tricks Truth into coming to a football stadium and meeting a "newly sworn in cop". By now sensing something is up, Truth tries to back off but ends up running into a goalpost, allowing Jacobs to pin him for the title.
    • Truth wins the belt back by pinning Jacobs outside his limo. When Jacobs slaps on a good old-fashioned choke, Truth is able to get him to back down by pointing out how "we both have major 24/7 jobs" and that trying to defend the belt would be too distracting for the mayor. Jacobs agrees as they head off to the arena.
  • Even the Holiday season isn't too kind for the 24/7 champion. Case in point, Truth ended up losing the championship to Akira Tozawa in the streets of New York. As Akira gets out of Dodge, Truth drags the referee Tozawa brought him to pin Truth. Meanwhile, Tozawa runs into Santa Claus of all people and managed to take the 24/7 for himself. Still, Truth managed to catch up to poor old St. Nick and reclaimed his title back. Tozawa arrives too late, the referee has had enough of both of them and just walks away and Santa berates the two and tells them that they're getting coal for Christmas before leaving. Truth, in confusion replies, "Don't anybody want no more Michael Cole?"
  • On the 01/13/2020 episode of Raw, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman cut their usual promo, until Truth comes out to join them as the 24/7 Champion. He claims he's entering the Royal Rumble and throw Paul Heyman over the top rope, thinking it's Heyman who is entering the Rumble. Heyman has this look of sheer bewilderment and Brock is laughing his ass off of this whole scene.
    • The best part is that don't normally see Brock laugh, you always see him in his usual beast mode, Truth managed to break that mold, sure he took a beaten for his troubles, but still.
  • Despite the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic forcing people, fans and WWE superstars alike are forced to stay home. Truth was able to take the title back from Riddick Moss, only this time he had a referee to ride him at the trunk of the car, while the ref provided enough distraction for Truth to pin Moss. Now that's a good idea of bringing social distancing to a whole new level.


  • At the Raw after the Capitol Punishment PPV, R-Truth, The Miz, and Christian have a discussion over who got screwed the most during said PPV, and said discussion devolves into this.
  • From his backstage promo at the 2011 Survivor Series PPV: "I was out there, I was outside Madison Square Garden. I saw all those pidgeons staring up at The Rock and Cena (billboard). I screamed at those pigeons. I said 'Hey pigeons! The Rock and Cena are gonna lose tonight!' You know what those pigeons said to me? *Beat* Nothing. They're pigeons. Pigeons don't talk, all they do is crap."
    • That beat was actually Matt Striker cooing as a response to Truth's presumably hypothetical question.
    • How funny was it? The MSG crowd gave him an ovation as he finished his promo out of sheer appreciation of the hilarity.
  • R-Truth's confrontation with Jimmy Hart, where he accuses him for being a "Little Jimmy".
  • When John Cena was mentioning the fact that they used to be cool before feuding. R-Truth's response?
  • Confederate soldier R-Truth. It made Stone Cold Steve Austin drop everything and leave the skit.
  • R-Truth's short promo before MITB 2011, where he expresses his fear of heights and spiders. Aswell as this little gem: "THAT BREIFCASE IS GON GET GOT!"
  • R-Truth getting interviewed by Josh Matthews. Insanity at its finest!
  • After being betrayed by Miz in November 2011 (right after they lost to Cena/Rock at Survivor Series), Truth made his Heel Face Return the last week of the year - naturally, interrupting a Miz promo and beating the hell out of him. The following week (1/2/12), Miz appeals to John Laurinaitis - the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and the interim GM of RAW - for help because Miz feels, in his words, like a sitting duck. Miz, dissatisfied with Laurinaitis' efforts, storms off. Enter R-Truth from another angle, staring at the camera with his eyes popping out off his skull. Suddenly, he tucks his arms and starts flapping...and quacking. Seriously.
  • On the Raw show before the Elimination Chamber, the Raw Superstars who where gonna be in the Chamber had a debate on weather or not they win. When it gets to Truth, he in his own little world, thinks it's a Presidential debate...or perhaps a sports press conference (he mentions trading Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero at one point), or maybe a trial. Watch the glorious insanity right here. The clip starts at Truths part.

 R-Truth: Oh, really? (Big "What?" from the crowd) Well if I'm elected...

Jerry Lawler: (in step with the Big "What?" from the crowd) What.

  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it one: "I asked myself, I said 'Self...who do you think is trying to get you?'"
  • WWE showing a pre-taped picture-in-picture R-Truth interview as he makes his way to the ring in real time; R-Truth starts cutting a promo like everyone has done in a PIP interview since the 80s before Truth stops himself, peers into the camera, and asks: "Wait...who am I talking to?"
  • R-Truth's Disneyland trip. The last line kills it.
  • In a December 28, 2015 episode of Raw, when mayhem erupts between Truth and several other superstars (The Miz, Ryback. Heath Salter, Zack Ryder, Goldust, and The Big Show) in Miz TV with Show giving Slater a knockout blow and mowing Ryder and Goldust, while Ryback wisely distances himself from the ensuing melee and Miz exiting the ring. Truth, on the other hand, knocks himself out. This doesn't even stop Show from chokeslamming Truth.
  • Royal Rumble 2016: Truth bringing a freakin' ladder of all things. As Truth climbs on top thinking that there's a championship belt hanging above the ring, only to realize that this isn't even a ladder match to begin with! Consequently, he gets eliminated by Kane.


  1. The combination of his sudden fan following and a rather unfortunately timed Wellness Vacation caused him to turn him face again while keeping most of his loony character traits.
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