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  • One character, Gordon, is a foot with a face on it. The Nostalgia Critic's reaction says it all.
    • And one is named Captain Compost Heap.
  • "YOU PUT ME IN A JAR?!" What. The. Hell.
    • Earlier in the episode, Rocko ends up in a room full of sentient organs in jars yelling "Don't cut us!"
    • Rocko's appendicitis is initially represented by a red bump on his stomach throbbing. What the fuck.
  • The episode in which Heffer choked on chicken and Rocko had to enter his body to find his heart and restart it. Of course, Heffer's insides were as creepy as could be, and his heart was a realistic heart. Heffer went to Heck and met the devil, Peaches, whose real head is cow udder shaped. He spins it around 360 degrees while milk shoots out of the udders and laughs. Thankfully it's All Just a Dream Within a Dream, though the ending implies it may happen for real.
  • The end of the "Fortune Cookie" episode really screws with a young mind.
  • "Sugar Frosted Frights" really did a good job of being surprisingly unnerving for a kids' show.
  • The episode "Who's for Dinner" had Heffer's house which was a family of wolves who were carnivores. Carnivores who are eating what is obviously completely sentient food. Rocko opens up a mirror in the bathroom, which reveals three pigs tied up and gagged, and Rocko responds by merely closing the mirror to leave them to their fate.
    • There's also the room full of girls who look like Red Riding Hood.
    • Rocko slammed the mirror shut on obvious impulse and looked horrified at what he saw, which doesn't seem to fall in line with someone "leav[ing] them to their fate." He could, y'know, open it back up again.
  • Really Really Big Man's nipples coming into play.
  • Most of "Ed is Dead".
  • "Power Trip" gives us a scene where Filburt is tied up to a chair and Rocko does not look like himself, rather looking like his boss Mr. Smitty, but with really creepy orange eyes. He doesn't even look a wallaby; more like a deranged grey kangaroo. Earlier in the episode, after pushing the green button on Mr. Smitty's chair (which he specifically was warned not to touch) Rocko opens his eyes which reveals red spiral eyes!
  • Anytime Rocko threatens to do something "NOT NICE!" especially if it's your first time seeing this happen. The Demon Head he gets in "Rocko's Happy Sack" (the animation of which being re-used, albeit with a few changes, for Rocko firing Filburt above in "Power Trip") especially.
  • The scene in "Day of the Flecko" where Rocko sucks in Flecko's eye while he's sleeping, so Flecko goes into his nose to retrieve it. THAT'S JUST GROSS! Thankfully, the show apologizes by having Rocko sneeze Flecko and the eye out in the only case where a sneeze is adorable.
  • Though it could probably be thinking too hard, how abusive Gib is to his own nephew Rocko in "The Good, The Bad, and The Wallaby." I mean, he laughs at Rocko failing at roping and getting chewed up and spat out by Jezebel in a flashback; then when Rocko and Heffer actually visit him, he slams the door open on Rocko and proceeds to yell at him when he tries to tell him he did so; and later picks up a cowpie and throws it at Rocko. Adult Fear.
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