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Rock is physical attacks, Scissors is psychological attacks, and Paper is The Way of Non-Aggression.

Rock is blunt, heavy. It attacks scissors by bashing away, and being so dense that scissors can't cut it. Scissors attacks paper by throwing cutting remarks at it until something breaks through. Paper merely ignores everything Rock throws at it, because it's only physical, until Rock wears itself out from exhaustion.

  • Paper just overwhelms the stone due to its adapting ability, being able to actually carry the stone.
  • Paper could also be considered going through legal channels. The Court can beat physical attacks, but is no match for purely psychological attacks. It's much harder to get a court order against something that had no physical proof.
  • Considering that, scissors works great on the passive paper because it's trying to get a rise out of it, which negates the non-aggressive tendencies of paper, thus nullifying it completely, showing how truly pathetic it is to the world and making it lose face(wow, prose much?).

Can we just all agree...

...that Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock is just better and be done with it?

Rock, Paper, Scissors is symbolic of fighting game character types.

Rock is the Mighty Glacier, Scissors is The Mario, and Paper is the Fragile Speedster. Rock is too slow to hit paper but 1-Hit KO's Scissors, Scissors gets taken out in one hit by Rock that it's not fast enough to keep dodging forever but is fast enough to get a couple of good hits in on Paper, and Paper is weak enough that it can't inflict enough damage on Scissors to defeat it before Paper falls but takes down Rock with Death of a Thousand Cuts.

There is a Fourth Element, Only Usable by a Master of Rock, Paper, and Scissors.

And it is Cake.

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a major source of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

You can't deny the intensity, and sometimes fearful anticipation, while playing the game. If it can be proven that the game was indeed at its highest popularity in the early 90s, then we may have solved the mystery of Gulf War Syndrome.

Rock Paper Scissors is a precursor to Magic Pengel

Attack is Scissors, Block is Paper, and Magic is Rock. Charge was added in later as a way to restore lost HP, and soon the doodle battles took the shape they are today. (This WMG was brought to you by This Troper.

Rock is the only true winner of Rock-Paper-Scissors

  • Scissor cuts paper... making it into two sheets of paper. It's just as useless as cutting a worm in two, due to the Hive Mind nature of paper(or, rather, complete lack of nervous system).
  • Paper wraps rock... okay, this is stupid, all it does is give rock another layer of armor. Maybe even a cloakinn device(you'd think it's just a ball of crumpled paper...)
  • Rock beats scissors... and is the only truly effective weapon. With the scissors out of the game, the rock is now able to coerce the paper into an alliance(lest it remain unprotected to the dangers of more scissors that will come) and rock can now start a super stealth army of fake balls of crumpled paper. Maybe even rock-filled snowballs!
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