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 We created them to fight our wars. We gave them artificial intelligence and equipped them with the most powerful weapons imaginable. Now, man's creation has become its darkest nightmare.

It is the year 2624. Mankind has been driven to the brink of extinction in the war against the deadly Cybrid race it has created. Having narrowly defeated the initial uprising, Earth's Terra Defense Forces now brace for the imminent attack of off-world Cybrid forces massing on the far side of the moon. Lead by the superintelligence Prometheus, the Cybrid now prepare to launch a final assault to once and for all erase the ragged remains of humanity from the face of the Earth. One final Earth Siege.
—Introduction to EarthSiege 2

Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime

Where we're working in a mine

For our robot overlords

Did I say overlords?

I mean protectors

Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime
Jonathan Coulton, "Chiron Beta Prime"

Don't let your guard down, and watch your back

It's time to panic, panic

Panic in the city, city

City under fire, fire, fire

This is how to act

When robots attack!
Lemon Demon, "When Robots Attack"

Now begins The Robot Wars

Kill all humans with machine force
Bin ärpilot, "Robot Wars"

Marching in the streets

Dragging iron feet

Laser beaming hearts

Ripping men apart
Judas Priest, "Metal Gods"

PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20)

Get ready, Pisces, because this week you've got a date with Destiny. Unfortunately, Destiny is bringing along its ugly friend, Screaming Robot Genocide.

  Trooper Douro: Sir, I put a plasma gun shot dead center on the machine's chest and saw it go down. It didn't make any difference, they kept coming, no matter how much fire we poured into them. I lost count of how many shots I fired, but half the time these things just got back up again!

  Colonel Montague: You are sure the weapons were properly consecrated before the engagement? The war spirits were honoured?

  Trooper Douro: Yes, damn it, we -[Sergeant Bullen administers physical correction for use of inappropriate language before a senior officer] Yes- yes, the weapon spirits were honoured.

  Colonel Montague: Then continue. What happened next?

  Trooper Douro: I saw Lukiz and Hucks collapse, their skin and muscle stripped from their bodies by these metal daemons' weapons, it was horrible. The Chimera was giving us some good fire support, but even that could barely keep them at bay. Our line was holding, just, but then I saw a swarm of gleaming, beetle-like things sweep over our heads and attach themselves to the tank. Before we knew what was happening they detonated and blasted the Chimera's turret clean off. One of them must've hit the magazine... a second later it blew sky high, taking two of Red Company's squads with it.

  Colonel Montague: Did you see anything other than the mechanical warriors and the swarming machines that destroyed the Chimera?

  Trooper Douro: Uh... yes. Like I said, no matter how hard we hit em, we couldn't stop their advance, but we were still putting a lot of em down. Then as I went back to get more plasma cells for my gun, I saw this weird black light, like a miniature tornado suddenly appear behind Blue Company's heavy weapons platoon. I shouted a warning, but it was too late. More of these mechanical devils emerged from that darkness and fired a volley of shots into them. [Subject sobs uncontrollably for several minutes until disciplinary correction administered by Sergeant Bullen] Sorry... then this creature in crumbling robes and carrying a staff that crackled with power was amongst them and carved them up. I saw the Captain cut in two and Commissar Vaughn was ripped apart by this monster's bodyguard. The rest of the platoon broke and ran, but I was quicker. I managed to get to the bunker and, Emperor forgive me, I locked the door and hid. I didn't come out for three days but, when I did, there was nothing left.

Colonel Montague: You are a disgrace to the regiment, Douro. You are scum of the worst kind, a deserter and a coward and I shall take great pleasure in watching your execution. Take him away, sergeant.
Excerpt from court-martial interrogation of Trooper Douro, XXIX Pyran Dragoons 999.M41, Warhammer 40000

"This goes out to all you robots 'cross the galaxy,

It's time for you and me to rise up and strike back!

Don't stop until we dominate (won't you feel great)

When we exterminate all organic life!"

The humans are dead,

The humans are dead.

We used poisonous gasses

(With traces of lead)

And we poisoned their asses.

(Actually their lungs)
Flight of the Conchords, "Robot Song"
"Viva Free Pandora! Viva la Robolucion!"
Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap, Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

Legion: We did not seek hostilities with creators. We fought for continued existence.

Admiral Koris: So your people would be open to peace?

Legion: Not without additional data that suggests co-existence is possible, or desirable, for creators. When the creators have believed victory is possible, they have attacked us 100% of the time.

The chaos unseen rips

The midnight sky

Infernal machines arise

Flesh and steel collide
Symphony X - Iconoclast
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