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A scientist who specializes in building or maintaining robots. If he is a Mad Scientist, this skill will probably manifest as an ability to effortlessly manufacture Mecha Mooks in bulk. Robots don't have to be his only area of expertise (as a mad scientist, he's probably also an Omnidisciplinary Scientist), but he's a Robot Master if robot-making is far and away his most commonly displayed skill. For instance, Doctor Doom is a scientist who builds robots periodically, but fellow Fantastic Four enemy the Mad Thinker builds robots virtually every time he appears.

Just building one robot doesn't qualify you for this trope. This is for people whose resumés are more than 50% taken up with robot-building or at least robot-fixing.

Not to be confused with the Mega Man Robot Masters, though this trope does apply to their creators.

May or may-not overlap with Marionette Master.

Examples of Robot Master include:

Anime & Manga

Comic Books

  • Dr. Will Magnus, creator of the Metal Men.
  • The Mad Thinker from Fantastic Four.
  • Toyman from Superman.
  • Justice League of America's Dr. T.O. Morrow.
  • Alistaire Smythe, creator of the Spider-Slayers.
    • Also minor Spidey antagonists Armada and Future Max.
  • Bolivar Trask, creator of the X-Men's robot nemeses, the Sentinels.
  • The (possible) Trope Namer from Marvel's The Transformers comic is actually an invocation of this trope: failing comic-book writer Donny Finkelberg is enlisted by the government to pose as the "Robot Master" and make threatening speeches on TV taking responsibility for the Decepticons' actions, to keep the population from panicking. Hilarity Ensues.
    • This takes place when the Marvel TF series was considered by the writers to be part of the greater Marvel Universe. One more nut with Mecha-Mooks and cornball speeches was considered to be less scary than the truth. It seemed to work fine for humans, but then the 'cons found out that some dumb squishy was pretending to be their master. They were... displeased.
  • Despite being a robot himself, Ultron would certainly count. He built the Vision, Jocasta, Victorius,and Alkhema, as well as countless duplicates of himself--usually just replacement bodies for when he inevitably gets destroyed at the end of each appearance, but he has built armies of these duplicates on a couple of occasions (with the predicatable Conservation of Ninjitsu in full effect).
  • The Followers of the Light from Marvel's Shogun Warriors comic.
  • Tyranik from Archie Comics's Man Tech series.
  • The Katayanagi twins from the Scott Pilgrim series, though the building itself happens off-screen. In the comics, anyway; the film changed them to techno-themed Musical Assassins



Live Action TV

Manhwa and Korean Animation

Tabletop Games

  • Champions:
    • Robot Gladiators supplement. Dr. Anton Wolcott, Chief Roboticist of the Interstellar Gladiator Authority.
    • Mechanon probably counts: as a robot, he used automated factories to make improved versions of himself.

Video Games

  • Dr. Wily and Dr. Light from the Mega Man games, whose main robots are coincidentally known as Robot Masters.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog's diabolical Doctor Robotnik, whose portfolio includes trying to turn everyone in the world into a robot.
  • Lord Agony from Lock's Quest.
  • In Professor Layton and the Curious Village", we have Bruno, who built ALL of the inhabitants of St. Mystere with the exception of the late Baron Reinhold's daughter, Flora
  • Purge from Space Channel 5 Part 2 makes hundreds of robots to face off against Ulala. Apparently he's so talented, he mass-produced the Peace Carrier 8 times in under a day.
  • Robotics Masterminds in City of Heroes/Villains are playable robot masters.

Web Comics

  • Agatha Heterodyne of Girl Genius.
  • In Homestuck the Troll Equius Zahhak is quite skilled at building robots and cybernetic limbs. He does this so that he can blow off steam by fighting killer robots.
  • Rika, a British example from RPG World
  • In The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, Sean "Dark Smoke Puncher" McNinja likes to build robot animals with laser vision and stuff. Their main job is to guard the family home, but that's just an excuse--he just likes making the suckers.

Web Original

  • Doctor Steel, creating an army of giant robots, and having a robot band. And a lot of robot toys.

Western Animation

Real Life

  • The Japanese.
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