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The Crowning Moment of Funny page for the films, books and other media based around the legends of Robin Hood.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights has its own page.

The Adventures of Robin Hood

  • "You speak treason!" (gigantic grin) "Fluently!"
  • Little John and Friar Tuck, sizeing each other up.

 Little John: He's well named "Friar Tuck". It would take half the deer in Sherwood Forest to fill that cavern.

Friar Tuck: And twice that to fill your empty head!

    • Followed up by this exchange about Tuck between Robin and Will Scarlet:

 Robin Hood: It's all right; he's one of us.

Will Scarlet: One of us? He looks like three of us!

  • All the scenes with Much and Bess that aren't CMOH.
  • Little John winning the quarterstaff fight with Robin on the bridge.

  Little John: (slams his staff onto Robins poor foot, Robin then starts dancing around on one foot) And here's your change! (waps Robin on the head with his staff)

Robin Hood (Disney)

  • Lady Kluck taking down the guards NFL-style to the tune of the USC fight song and "On Wisconsin".
    • Heck, the ENTIRE fight/chase scene.

 Little John: Hey, who's driving this flying umbrella?!?

  • "Don't worry, sheriff, the safety's on Old Betsy."
  • "Criminently, now I know why your momma called ya Nutsy."
  • "I know my name! GET ON WITH IT!"
  • "Your traps just never work! And now look what you've done to your mother's castle!"
    • And the scene after that when Prince John screams and says, "Mommy," before he begins sucking his thumb again and then starts chasing Sir Hiss, trying to hit him with a stick that he was about to hit him with earlier before Hiss mentioned his mother.
  • Prince John talking in his sleep:

 "Robin Hood?! I... get..."

[groaning] "Robin Hood, I.. I... I want..."

  • Drunk Sir Hiss

 Prince John: Hiss! You're never around when I need you!

Sir Hiss: (from inside of the beer barrel) Coming, coming. (laughs) For I'm a jolly good fellow, for I'm a jolly good fellow. (Prince John uncorks the barrel and Sir Hiss comes out) Oh, there you are, old boy! PJ, you won't believe this, but the stork was really Robin Hood!

Prince John: Robin Hood? (Sir Hiss nods as Prince John begins to laugh, until he screams and strangles Sir Hiss, before tying him in knots on a pole) Get out of that If You Can.

Robin Hood (2010)

While this film's Robin Hood isn't exactly the jolly bandit of yore, the film is not totally without humour:

  • Robin introduces Marion to the Merry Men:

 Robin: This is my wife, Lady Marion Loxley.

Will Scarlet: Well played, Robin! A little rash, but...well played!

  • Robin has just commandeered a caravan, tied up the guards in one big bunch and sent them walking on their way:

 Mook: How far to York?

Mook 2: Eighteen miles.

  • Made even funnier by the riddle Robin had told the guards he would let them pass if they answered:

  Robin: What has eighteen legs and isn't going anywhere?

  • At the final battle:

  King John: This is my first time! I shall lead! ... That's a lot of French.

  • All of Little John's dialogue during the dance.


  • Marion has just told Robin about her first week of marriage with her husband.

 Robin: A good knight.

Marion: Yes, it was short but sweet.

Robin: No, I meant he was a good knight...

  • Marion asking Robin to come to bed "nicely"(paraphrased):

  (Woodenly) Would you come to bed, dearest husband?

Robin of Sherwood

The New Adventures of Robin Hood

Robin Hood (BBC)

  • "The Sherwood Avenger!"
  • "I shot the sheriff!"

  Sheriff: "No, you shot his deputy."

  • Robin ambushes the Sheriff in his own carriage to try and intimidate him, only to find the Sheriff has gotten a bit bored with the routine. "Oh, not now, Locksley." When he suggests he means business this time, the Sheriff just kicks him out.
  • When the Sheriff is about to have Roy's mother executed, Roy screams: "You'll go to hell for this!" The Sheriff looks bemused as he says: "What? Just for this?"
  • In the episode Walkabout, when the Sherriff and his cronies break into the camp, Much charging in bellowing "Get out of my kitchen!" just never fails to leave this troper in stitches!
  • After Guy is held captive by the outlaws, Marian tells the Sheriff that they're willing to give him up in exchange for Djaq. When he seems reluctant, she reminds him that Guy is his friend, leading to this:

  Sheriff: "We are talking about the same Guy? I mean, I've barely noticed he was missing."

  • When Kate gets hit in the stomach with a dagger, collapses to the ground, and nobody notices her lying there for a good ten minutes. What. That wasn't meant to be funny?
  • "...Oh, they're just bells."


  • From Jessica Puller's Robin Hood: The Pantomime:

 Little John: Why did I have to dance the man's part? I'm much prettier than you!

Alan A Dale: That's a conversation we'll have to have later...

    • You know what? The whole unwilling dancing bit, just in general.

 Alan: *singing* I am suddenly compelled... to tango! *strikes a pose with John while various looks of horror flash across both their faces.*

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