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  • The fight between Robin and Little John.
    • Over the right to cross a bridge that covers a stream of water tiny enough to step over.
      • "Help! I can't swim!"
  • "It's good to be the king." (A Call Back to History of the World Part 1)

  "Throw him in the Tower of London! ...make him part of the tour!"

  • Richard Lewis playing Prince John and playing up his neurotic Jewish-ness Up to Eleven.

  "I hope this is all worth the nooooise!"

    • I love the way he says "trafe" after Robin dumps the pig on the dinner table.
    • And his facial expression during the archery tournament, when a trumpet is blown directly into each of his ears.
  • "I have a mole?"
  • Don't forget Robin knocking over the knights, domino style.
  • "We're men! We're men in tights!/We roam around the forest looking for fights!/We're men! We're men in tiiiights!/We rob from the rich and give to the poor, that's right!"
    • Interestingly, that's a recycled melody from History of the World Part I, namely the "Jews in Space" preview at the end that's pretty funny in and of itself.
      • Don't forget the can-can part. Yes, really.
    • "Yesssss!"
    • "We're butch!"
    • Not to mention Blinkin continually getting his steps wrong and punching the people standing next to him.
  • "I CAN SEE!" * wham* ".....nope. I guess I was wrong."
    • In that same scene:

 Robin: Blinkin, what are you doing?

Blinkin: Guessing? I.. guess no one's coming?

Robin: Get down from there! Twit.

Blinkin: I... guess there's a ladder around here somewhere... (feels around and falls out of treehouse)

  • Another Blinkin moment:

 [After saving Robin by catching the assassin's arrow:]

Blinkin: I heard that coming a mile away.

Robin: Thank you, Blinkin, well done.

Blinkin: What? Who's talking?

  • A third Blinkin moment that cracks this troper up every time he hears it:

 Atchoo: Hey, Blinkin...

Blinkin: Did you say 'Abe Lincoln'?

Atchoo: No, I didn't say 'Abe Lincoln'!

  • Another awesome Blinkin moment: "OH, ROBIN! YOU LOST YOUR ARMS IN BATTLE! .....but you grew some nice boobs...."
    • A mere minute or two before that, he's interrupted on the toilet. While reading a braille Playboy.
      • The "This never would have happened if your father were still alive." conversation.
          • Especially the face at the end
  • Blinkin vs. a wooden pillar. Blinkin wins.
  • (After Robin suggests Atchoo as the new sheriff)

 Townsfolk: A black sheriff??

Blinkin: He's black?!?

Atchoo: And why not? It worked in Blazing Saddles!

    • Complete with Dave Chappelle doing a phenomenal impression of Cleavon Little, who starred as Black Bart in Blazing Saddles.
  • The opening sequence in Le Dungeon is full-out funny.

 Prison Guard: Just remember, if you need anything, all you have to do is scream. [inmate off-camera screams] Coming! We're so busy here!

  • Dom DeLuise as "Don Giovanni".
    • "What about your lizard? Isn't he a bit limp?" "When you get to my age...Oh he's just asleep."
    • Filthy Luca gets three major lines in the whole scene. Thanks to his delivery and everyone else's reactions, he makes them all count.
  • The Trope Namer for Bad News in a Good Way.
  • The guard in the prison. "I've just told everyone the great news! and....and....and I'm in deep shit."
  • The entire villager training montage.

 Atchoo: ".....hey, Rob, maybe we should take the dummies into battle."

Robin: "Ha!" (pauses, frowns, and starts pondering seriously)

  • The Running Gag about the Sheriff of Rottingham's dyslexia, especially when he flips out over the killing of the wild boar, um, pig.


    • And other instances:

 "Over that boy hand!"

"He DEERED to kill a king's DARE! kill a king's deer."

"I'LL PAY FOR THIS!....YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!" Made even better by Ahchoo nodding and grinning after the first line.

"My liege! Struckey has loxxed again!"

  • The catapult scene.

 Sheriff of Rottingham: This is a stealth catapult, we've been working on it secretly for months. It can hurl one of these heavy boulders undetected, over a hundred yards, completely destroying anything in its path.

Prince John: Wow! How's it work?

Sheriff of Rottingham: It's rather simple. You get one of these heavy boulders, put it here where I'm sitting, and then pull on that lever.

Prince John: Like this? * Pulls lever, sending the Sheriff flying*

Latrine: * Praying by her bed* Oh dear Lord, if you see fit to send me my one true love... * The Sheriff crashes through the roof into her room. Looks up and says:* Thank you!

    • Da daaaaaaaaaaaaah, dadadadadadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, dadadadadada-da-da, dada-da-DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
    • "Now you've really pissed me off!" "Man, if I were that close to a horses wiener I'd be worried about getting pissed on!"
    • "Mind the big rocks!"
      • You haven't seen the last of us! [arrows pin Mook to tree] You've seen the last of us.
  • From the opening:

 Villager: There must be another way of doing the credits!

Fireman: That's right! Everytime the do a Robin Hood movie they burn our village down!

(flaming arrows hit a rooftop, and flaming text appears showing who the movie is being directed by)


  • Rabbi Tuckman hawking circumcision to an ignorant Merry Men, stating "the ladies love it". Bonus points to Little John who responds, "I'll take two!" Once he finds out what it is he quickly blurts "...I change my mind."

 Blinkin: Question. (Atchoo stops him immediately)

 "I hate that guy!"

  • The reaction to the Sheriff's first name, Mervin. The name itself isn't funny but the acting and timing are perfect. Mostly Prince John's laughter throughout.
    • "Okay. [[[Beat]]] Mervin." *gigglesnort*
  • "Blinkin, fix your boobs. You look like a bleedin' Picasso!"
  • When they're repossessing Robin's castle, check out the bottom of the scroll:

 Royal Campaign Election Fund (see page 17)

Do you want 1/2 pence to go to this fund?

If joint filing, does your spouse want 1/2 pence to go to this fund?

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