"I think that logo probably cost more than my entire movie"
—Describing the Columbia Vanity Plate in the commentary to El Mariachi.

Describe Robert Rodriguez here.

Easy. He's that hard-edged filmmaker who directed the Mariachi trilogy, From Dusk till Dawn, Sin City and half of Grindhouse.

No, wait! He's that family-friendly guy who gave us the Spy Kids trilogy, Shark Boy & Lava Girl, and Shorts.

Whoever he is, he does most of the work on his films, directing, screenwriting, editing, composing, production designing and just about everything else aside from being the actual cameraman. No, wait, he does that too. He's also very proud to be Mexican, as most of his movies can attest.

His diaries from the shooting of El Mariachi were published as Rebel Without A Crew, a book which is absolute required reading for all aspiring indie/low budget filmmakers.

He and fellow director Quentin Tarantino have worked together on a couple of each other's projects, their biggest collaboration being Grindhouse.

Partial Filmography

Robert Rodriguez provides examples of:

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