Robert Altman (1925 – 2006) was an American film director and screenwriter.

One of his famous techniques was to film group scenes continuously with multiple cameras, forcing the actors to stay in character and sometimes to improvise action or dialogue because any moment of their performance could end up in the film.

A moviemaking maverick with little use for the Hollywood establishment, Altman was nevertheless nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director five times, and was awarded an Honorary Oscar in 2006.

Works by Robert Altman with their own trope pages include:

Other works by Robert Altman provide examples of:

  • The Danza: Played with in Images, where every major cast member plays a character with the same first name as another major cast member.
  • Hyperlink Story: Short Cuts, Nashville
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Frequently, it's pretty much what he's best known for. Massively ensemble dramas like Magnolia and Crash tend to get compared to his work.
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