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The series is going on the road. We need to put some new scenery around our characters, so they can behave like ... well, tourists.

See also Vacation Episode, Stern Chase, Walking the Earth.

Examples of Road Show include:
  • The quintessential example is the I Love Lucy "California Here We Come" Story Arc, in which nearly two dozen episodes are spent on the American road and then in glamorous, star-studded Hollywood.
  • Happened at least twice on The Brady Bunch, once when they went to the Grand Canyon (which featured many of the Road Trip related tropes) and once on a vacation to Hawaii.
  • This is the primary plot of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3, with Jojo and company traveling from Japan to Egypt to kill Dio, and stopping by in many other countries along the way.
  • Happens from time to time in "reality" television; probably the most notable example is Jon and Kate Plus Eight where nearly every other episode they would be having happy family fun at any number of places around the country, paying for none of it out of their pockets, of course.
  • The first animated The Addams Family cartoon does this to the entire series, and the entire house.
  • The "Avalon World Tour" on Gargoyles sent the characters around the world. The viewer was introduced to the new character, Angela and got to see Goliath and Elisa develop as a couple. Bronx was just there for atmosphere.
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