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 "Let's hit the road, Rovers!"



Road Rovers was a short-lived animated series (1 season, 13 episodes), which told the story of "The Road Rovers". They were (stop us if you think that you've heard this one before) a group of ordinary animals who become anthropomorphic superheroes and use their special abilities and gadgets to fight crime.

Specifically, the Rovers were a group of stray dogs who are temporarily turned humanlike by a mysterious scientist known as "The Master"(No, not THAT Master, THAT one or THIS one). They save the world from villains including General Parvo, who was trying to take over the world by turning dogs and other animals into monsters, while in their free time acting as the beloved pets of world leaders (such as Queen Elizabeth II and President Bill Clinton). The fact that the dogs were all pets of world dignitaries at least added an interesting twist, as they sometimes had to work in their 'civilian' identities to convince their owners not to go to war.



 Blitz: [insert statement involving his desire to bite the rumps of his enemies]

Exile: Don't be weird boy.

    • More running gags involve Shag pointing weapons backwards. Subverted when he has it right to begin with and someone tells him to turn it around, which he blithely does.
    • And when they release their Ax Crazy friend, Muzzle, on the bad guys with a shout of "Let's Muzzle 'em!" Cue Gory Discretion Shot.
    • Colleen pretending not to know Blitz's name and instead calling him other more amusing B names until the last episode.
    • "Yet Another Unexpected Twist!... Bummer."
      • Hunter had a ton of catch phrases, the above is just one of them. Other's include "I would not have predicted this!" and "[X], Cool."
    • The show pretty much runs on running gags. Some more include Colleen saying completely random and nonsensical things when doing her martial arts, Exile completely butchering several idioms at once, and the Russian Exile complaining about people always "rushin'" him.
    • And then there's General Parvo...

  Parvo: [Coughing uncontrollably] Lozenge!


 Hunter: Let's Muzzle 'em!

Colleen: Why, that would be mean, sadistic, and cruel!

Hunter: Is that a problem?

Colleen: Nope. Works for me! (Hunter proceeds to release Muzzle on the enemy)


 Exile: Please seek therapy.

  • The Mole: Sport, but only because his master was held hostage by Parvo.
  • Most Common Card Game
  • Multinational Team: The Rovers came from the US (Hunter), the UK (Colleen), Germany (Blitz), Switzerland (Shag), and Russia (Exile)
  • My Name Is Not Durwood: Colleen to Blitz.
  • Non-Human Sidekick: Muzzle, sort of.
  • Oblivious to Love: Hunter, it is hinted at throughout the series, but in the last episode it is made quite obvious that Colleen has a crush on Hunter. She asks him if he would like to go for walk on beach to which he responds with an enthusiastic "You bet!" Cut to Hunter as a regular dog with Colleen holding his leash.

  Colleen: Not exactly what I had in mind.


 Hunter: Hey Blitz, you want a biscuit?

Blitz: Tanks.

Hunter: You're welcome.

Blitz: No, tanks.

Hunter: Are you sure? It's tasty. Try it.

Blitz: Tanks!

Hunter: You're welcome.

Blitz: No, tanks!

Hunter: What's with you? Do you want it or not?

Blitz: TANKS!

Hunter: You're welcome!

Blitz: NO, TANKS!


(The enemy tanks bust in at that moment)

Hunter: (Giggles) Oh, tanks. Now I get it. Funny.

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