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  • Accidental Innuendo: Subaru, when referring to Tomoka's "beautiful form", tempered by the fact that he loves to "keep watching it".
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: After watching all the episodes, one couldn't help but wonder if the accusations about Subaru being a pedophile is true or not. One of his lines from episode 10 immediately comes to mind.
    • One reviewer of the LN states that Subaru's nearly getting there...which doesn't help the fact that two of the basketball girls (Tomoka and Airi) canonically have crushes on him.
  • Complaining About Shows You Don't Watch: Unfortunately, due to the reputation of Tinkerbell (the pen-name of the novel's illustrator) having illustrated soft erotic loli Doujinshis in the past, this show is smeared by moral panic for advocating pedophilia by an unfortunately large community who have not even seen Episode 1 (which in all fairness had a shower scene, tame and chaste as it was), much less the character driven and completely fan-service-free Episode 2.
  • Crazy Awesome: Hinata, especially her BOSS-HAND reverse layup in Season 1, Episode 12. She learned it by way of Wax On, Wax Off, according to Subaru.
    • She does it again in Season 2, Episode 10 during their tournament match against Suzuridani.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Hina (naturally), the very, very Strange Girl.
  • Holy Shit Quotient: For a Moe Moe sports series, it gets really high during basketball matches, especially in the tournament game between Keishin and Suzuridani.
    • In-Universe, the alley-oop play by Aya and Rena made pretty much everyone in the stadium lose their shit after seeing such an advanced move done by grade schoolers.
  • Les Yay: Touko's line to Mihoshi in Episode 9.

 "Don't be a bully! I love kids, but I love you♥."

  • Memetic Mutation: "Elementary schoolers are the best, aren’t they?"
    • The meme above got worse among Chinese Language users, due to the translators having downright translated "Elementary Schoolers" into "Lolis."
    • Comparing the characters to the cast of Slam Dunk.
    • With the airing of the second season, comparing characters to the cast of Kuroko no Basuke has been pretty common for a while.
      • The anime adaptation of KnB first aired in 2012, while RKB SS first aired a year later in 2013. Some of the new moves shown in RKB SS borders more on "impossible for preteen girls" than the "impossible even for the NBA" moves KnB have, hence the comparison.
  • Moe: Just about everyone, including the rare male Tsundere protagonist and the short-pants male basketball team antagonist. Basketball anime is finally redefined...
  • Moral Event Horizon: May or may not have been crossed by the team captain when he propositioned a minor (depending on whether it's revealed who it was that made out with her or whether she was made out with in the first place), due to the repercussions it had on his own team. If it turns out he really did proposition someone four years younger than he was, he'll be forever branded as a traitor to his team, as his actions led to their one-year suspension.
  • "Stop Having Fun!" Guys: The Keishin boys' basketball team with their Jerkass head coach and Takenaka as an Arrogant Kung Fu Guy. In the end, the team that won a district championship the previous year has been beaten by a team of five girls, most of them inexperienced. The Power of Moe Is An Awesome Power, indeed.
    • Also, the Suzuridani girls' basketball team, but Miyu and Hatsue really take the cake in the first season. They got better in the second season, until Rena appears...
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