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The Keishin girls are all children of the Shohoku players.

Hmm, just for fanfic ideas:

It's a BIG stretch, wouldn't it be awesome if the Ro-Kyu Bu girls are all actual children of the Slam Dunk Cast?

It could work on the basis that:

  • 1) It's been 17 years since the Inter-High Tournaments detailed in Slam Dunk, and the starting line are all 32 to 35 year olds now, more than likely with families.
  • 2) The girls take their mothers surnames instead of their fathers'

So, for fanfic writers out there, here are the Shohoku players and their daughters, who uncannily match their fathers' court positions and maybe even personalities):

But it will have to work on the sad assumption that neither Sakuragi NOR Miyagi will get the girls of their dreams. And Haruko will not get Rukawa either.

    • Wait a second: Ayako's family-name was never revealed anywhere in the franchise, manga or anime. Which means.... Ryota has married the love of his life and has Hinata-chan as their little girl!! Alright!!
    • Hollywood Genetics: Ayako and Ryota are both Ambiguously Brown. Hinata, not so much. But Kagetsu... Oh, wait, both Ayako and Ryota have curly hair, so...
  • Wait a second.... By that logic wouldn't that make Subaru Anzai-Sensei's grandson too (A coach begets a Coach, after all)
    • Or him as Mitsui's descendant instead of Maho (Both are after all, prodigies who have had their chance at glory destroyed by life)
    • The only difference is that Mitsui made a Heel Face Revolving Door while Subaru had a Broken Pedestal.

The training camp at Suzuridani was Manaka's Gambit Roulette to teach both Keishin and Suzuridani players the Aesop of how not to be a Stop Having Fun Guy.

Think about it. Sure, Keishin can't compete in tournament play since they are 5 players short of the minimum 10 players required, so they're practically on the lowest tier at the moment. That means Suzuridani, a high-tier team, won't take them seriously, and think they're easy game. At first, Keishin had it hard due to Suzuridani's 2-3 Zone Defense, until Saki was moved up to point guard, from where they got the better of "Chibi-Ribbon" Miyu. Then Manaka calls her out on her Wangst and Miyu finally took Keishin seriously. Ultimately, the plan worked out either way.

Keishin will get a second Five-Man Band, thus completing the 10 members required for Tournament Play.

One of the main characters will get a Game-Breaking Injury.

  • Truth in Television, as injuries in basketball are quite common especially in a high level of competition. However, these are rather rare in mini-basketball, but when one main character, most likely to be Tomoka, Hinata, or Airi, suffers from one, this could be pivotal part of the plot as Take Up My Sword could ensue.
    • Turns out Maho got the Game-Breaking Injury, but it wasn't really a big deal anyway since she came back in time for overtime.

Subaru is a descendant of Phil Jackson, or is Phil Jackson-kun himself.

  • Both are good coaches and are advocates of the famous Triangle Offense. Only that Subaru's is not yet complete, as he's stuck at the 4-out 1-in Offense at the moment. But he can use Kagetsu if he wants to run a 1-3-1 offense.
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