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Subaru: Miho-nee, you had friends?! *BAM*

True to form as the Spiritual Successor of Slam Dunk, expect lots of hilarity from Ro-Kyu-Bu!


  • Aoi performs two Falcon Kicks in succession, first on Kazunari for teasing Subaru, resulting in a nosebleed; the second on Subaru when Kazunari accused Subaru of peeking into her periwinkle panties.
  • Subaru freaking out as Mihoshi reads his childhood poem for his mother to blackmail him into coaching her team.
  • MEDIC!
    • As Hinata passes out after running several laps around the school field, Subaru rushes to her aid, carries her piggy-back style, and blurts out that line.
  • So how does Airi plan to stop her growth spurt? By sleeping in a freaking foot locker fashioned into a bed!.
  • Hinata used Attract on Natsuhi. It's super effective!
    • Natsuhi has been beating the girls with little time remaining in the game, so Subaru told Hinata to flop on him, i.e. pretend getting bumped by him, to stop him in his tracks and get him an offensive foul. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome because it worked, albeit only once, but the way Hinata sold the call and Natsuhi fell right into it is pure comedic gold.
  • Okonomiyaki is so Serious Business to Saki she just went BEAST MODE on her friends committing too many mistakes. She proceeds to drive everyone out of the kitchen so she could make the dish herself.
  • Saki got so excited seeing Subaru and Tomoka together she went Motor Mouth like she's been off her meds, causing Subaru to get creeped out.
  • Returning an 11-year-old girl's panties is so Serious Business your life pretty much depends on it, as Subaru and Natsuhi found out the hard way.
  • The entire discussion about the relationship between breast size and the first letter of their given names. Hinata figures that Airi and Aoi have huge breasts and their names start with the letter A. Even Tomoka thinks it's weird.
  • Subaru's friend Kazunari, not realizing that Those Two Girls are trying to set Subaru and Aoi up on a study date, gets gutted for his troubles (there was even an audible crunching sound). He's lying facedown on the table for the rest of the scene. It happened so quickly, too.
  • Aoi does another Falcon Kick on Subaru, sending him straight into the pool... and lands into the pool as well.
  • Every single interaction between Mihoshi and Touko.
  • Subaru and Aoi sure needed a lot of Brain Bleach after seeing each other naked in the sauna.
  • The ending of the first season. Just when Tomoka gained the courage to confess to Subaru, her friends get right into the scene, which ends up with Subaru on top of Tomoka, which Aoi sees, sending her into absolute murderous rage to beat up Subaru all over again.

Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS

Ro-Kyu-Bu! Tomoka Ichigo no Sundae OVA

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