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A list of characters from the Rival Schools series. School affiliation is a big part of the character's identities, so they're grouped by the school they go to (or work for) as of the latest game, Project Justice.

It should be noted that the Brainwashed and Crazy trope features very heavily in the series as it is the focus of much of the plot (particularly the first game). Consequently virtually every character in the first game can fall victim to it as well as the Mind Control Eyes and Red Eyes, Take Warning tropes that accompany it with the exceptions of Sakura and Hayato. If this trope is mentioned in a character's profile then it consequently does happen to the character in the story regardless of choice.

Taiyo High School

The "main" school of the series, where (you guessed it) most of the character central to the series go to school. It's a "jack of all trades" typical Japanese high school.

Batsu Ichimonji


The main character of the series. A Hot-Blooded high school student, he starts off the series with his mother Shizuku as his only family. Her disappearance is the reason he transfers to Taiyo High (where she works) at the start of United By Fate, where he sets out to find who kidnapped her. With the help of Hinata and Kyosuke, he not only succeeds in finding his mother, but also learns the principal of Justice High, Raizo, is his father as well as learning Kyosuke and Raizo's ward Hyo are his cousins; Shizuku was the only person who knew it, which was the reason for her kidnapping.

In Project Justice, Batsu is plagued by a look-alike who is randomly attacking students from other schools, sullying his reputation. Depending on how he deals with the situation, he can end up training so that his ki has properties of fire. At the end of Project Justice, he is left with the other Taiyo High students wondering when Kyosuke will return from his disappearance.

Voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama.

  Batsu: I... I can't take it anymore! I absolutely hate dogs! Sorry, but I've got to get out of here!

Hinata Wakaba


The main female of the series, and the obligatory stock seifuku-wearing Japanese schoolgirl. In United By Fate, she is the first to join Batsu in the search for his missing mother, but she also feels obligated to help defend her school from the attacks and kidnapping that have plagued it. She plays a similar role in Project Justice, but she also ends up whacked with the Distress Ball a couple times throughout. It's also hinted that she has some feelings for Batsu.

Voiced by Tomoe Hanba.

Kyosuke Kagami


The last of Taiyo High's Power Trio in the original game. At Taiyo, he is the head of the Morals commitee (a student group to create and enforce the school rules, basically a prefect) and joins Batsu and Hinata in investigating the student and teacher disappearances. However, he is actually in cahoots with the main culprit, Hyo (his twin brother) and even was the one who kidnapped Shizuku (Batsu's mom), but working with Batsu and Hinata convinced him that there was a better way to change the world. In Project Justice, he becomes concerned by Hyo's disappearance around the same time new violence around the schools start, and later disappears after Hyo apparently dies. His friends patiently wait for his return.

Voiced by Isshin Chiba.

Hayato Nekketsu


A character created for the Play Station port of United By Fate, Hayato is a physical education teacher at Taiyo High. When the school is the target of kidnappings and attacks, he sets out on his own to find out who is responsible. He doesn't assists his students, believing that they need to find out the problem and solve it on their own. In Project Justice, he teams up with fellow teachers Hideo and Kyoko to investigate the new wave of attacks on the schools.

Voiced by Takumi Yamazaki.

Chairperson / Iincho


First appearing in Hinata's ending in United By Fate, she is the class rep for the class the Taiyo students belong to. She is inspired by Hinata to take up karate so she can protect the school, but ends up taking classes for Saikyo-ryu, the martial art of Street Fighter joke character Dan Hibiki. She makes her first playable appearance in Project Justice, working with Ran and the students from Pacific High to investigate the new wave of school violence.

Voiced by Miki Narahashi in United By Fate and Megumi Toyoguchi in Project Justice.

Ran Hibiki


Debuts in the Updated Rerelease of the first game. Ran is a reporter for Taiyo High's schoolnewspaper, who's determined to get the scoop on the kidnappings and attacks going on, so she can win an award for best school paper story, and apparently succeeds. In Project Justice, she and Chairperson tag along with the Pacific High students in investigating the new disturbance.

Voiced by Akiko Hiramatsu.

Gorin High School

The athletic school, where just about everybody in the school is on a sports team or is studying a field related to sports. Every character from here knows Madden Kombat and will not refrain from using it. Has a university branch in Gorin University.

Shoma Sawamura


Baseball player at Gorin High. In United By Fate, he sets out to get vengeance on the people responsible for injuring his older brother and fellow baseball player Shuichi. He ends up being captured and brainwashed to work for Justice High, before Nagare snaps him out of it. In Project Justice, he is again a direct target of the villain, as Momo (as The Mole) becomes a Clingy Jealous Girl to him in order to divide him from his friends. He eventually returns to them after Momo betrays him. Momo's interference also caught him in a vicious Love Triangle involving himself, Momo and Natsu (who Shoma has a long-standing Masochism Tango relationship since the first game).

Voiced by Yuji Ueda.

  • Alliterative Name
  • Anime Hair: the spikes sticking out of his baseball cap
  • Batter Up: His bat's bigger than he is, to boot.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Optional in the Gorin storyline but not so in other school's storylines. He is also the only member of Gorin to suffer this since the other two theoretically can not fall victim to it. However it does use part of Gorin's storyline. Should the player choose Natsu and Roberto as the two main characters there will come a point in the story when Natsu and Shoma get into a rivalry battle. After said battle they apologize to each other but Natsu has injured Shoma quite a bit who stays behind to reccuperate. It is most likely at this point that he is kidnapped by Raizo and consequently Brainwashed as the two appear in other school's storylines together.
  • Compensating for Something: Shoma's giant baseball bat, which is to compensate for... his height. No, really - he admits in the character creation games that he hopes carrying around and using a bat of that size will force his body to compensate for it's size by making him stronger and taller.
  • Home Run Hitter
  • Hot-Blooded
  • I Know Madden Kombat
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • The Napoleon: Never, ever bug him about his height.
  • Pointless Band-Aid
  • Shonen Hair
  • Spell My Name with an "S": His name was spelled "Syoma" in the arcade version of United By Fate

Natsu Ayuhara


Volleyball player at Gorin High. When the junior high students she tutors in the sport are the victims in kidnapping, Natsu joins Shoma and Roberto in finding out the culprits. It is her rather abrasive interactions with Shoma that nearly divide the group, though she also shows some feelings for him. In Project Justice, when Momo shows up, Natsu has serious reservations about her hanging around Shoma all the time, which end up dividing the group of friends. Natsu is joined by Roberto and Nagare to find out the source of the new distrubances. She's one of the first to welcome back Shoma after he's betrayed by Momo and starts to more overtly show feelings for him.

Voiced by Narumi Tsunoda.

  • Even the Girls Want Her: She's highly idolized by the junior high volleyball players she tutors, and in the character creation modes, gets love letters from some female admirers. Shoma even teases her about it in her Japanese United By Fate ending:

 Shoma: (while Natsu's speaking with her junior high students) Well, if it isn't Natsu! Stop flirting in front of the school!

Sadly Bowdlerised in the English translations where Shoma's sentence is changed to to:

 Shoma: Hey Natsu! What are you doing here? Beating up your club members?

Roberto Miura


Soccer/(association) football player at Gorin. He joins Shoma and Natsu in their investigation of the attacks not for any personal reason, but because he's the only one who can mediate their constant arguing. His ending has him breaking his arm and nearly ruining his career at goalie, but he gets better (and transitions to a forward position). In Project Justice, he is unable to stop the group splintering and has to hang out with Natsu and Nagare for most of the story. The Gorin High ending has him humorously observe the Shoma-Natsu-Momo love triangle along with Nagare.

Voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa.

Nagare Namikawa


Swimmer at Gorin, debuting in the Updated Rerelease Nekketsu Nikki 2. In that game, he is a childhood friend of both Shoma and Shuichi Sawamura, and when Shoma disappears while investigating the kidnappings, Nagare sets out on his own to find him. He succeeds in finding Shoma and snapping him out of his Justice High-induced brainwashing. In Project Justice, he joins Natsu and Roberto after Shoma slips from the group to help Momo. In the Gorin High ending, he join Roberto in commenting on the the romantic mess Shoma gets himself into.

Voiced by Shinichiro Miki.

  • Bald of Awesome: If the tight fit of his swimming cap is any indication
  • Gay Moment: His hilarious, incredibly camp synchronised swimming attack.
  • Goggles Do Nothing
  • I Know Madden Kombat: with swimming. Seriously - includes dives, back-stroke, splashing etc, all accompanied with water effects....on land.
  • Martial Arts Do Not Work That Way: He could be this trope's poster-boy....
  • The Quiet One
  • The Stoic: It's pretty rare for him to even speak, to the point that the voice over in his introduction pose is not him, but rather a female announcer introducing him as if he were competing in a swim meet.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: In all fights, Nagare is always clad in a speedo, flippers, swim cap and a jacket with no shirt.

Momo Karuizawa


Tennis play at Gorin, who debuts in Project Justice. She is introduced in the Gorin High story as the supposed victim of bullying of Batsu, and latches on to Shoma when he saves her from it. In actuality, she is a a minion of the Big Bad, Kurow, who uses her stature and cuteness to play out an extended Wounded Gazelle Gambit to drive Shoma away from his friends and use him to spread chaos among the other schools. She eventually betrays Shoma after she feels he is no longer of use, but Kurow then pulls the same on her and surprisingly, the Gorin students she messed with earlier come to her defense, and she finally joins them in gratitude. She continues to go to Gorin, but her previously fake affection for Shoma has developed into actual feelings for him, much to the chagrin of Natsu.

Voiced by Rei Sakuma.

Gedo High School

The all-male school of Japanese Delinquents, where troubled students are sent when they are failing at other schools. Luckily, one student, Daigo Kazama leads a gang made up by most of the student body, where he teaches them the lessons of being a "real man" (or in other words, good upstanding citizens).

Edge (Eiji Yamada)


Student at Gedo, dressed in all-purple and styling his (presumably dyed) blonde hair in tall spikes. When Akira appears at Gedo to search for Daigo, Edge is one of the his to help out. He is initially skeptical of Akira but after a fight, comes to trust her and is not bothered by the revelation of her true gender. In Project Justice, he initally follows a returned Daigo but when he notices Daigo orders are getting more violent and asks Akira for help in snapping Daigo out of it. When Daigo leaves again to train, Edge is named as one of the co-leaders of the Gedo gang along with Gan.

Voiced by Yoshiharu Yamada.

Gan Isurugi


Gan is a sizable student at Gedo who is a member of Daigo's gang. When Daigo disappears, Gan is quick to join Akira in helping find the lost leader. Like Edge, he has initial reservations about Akira but becomes accepting to her, even after learning her true gender. In Project Justice, he follows Edge in asking Akira for help dealing with an erratic Daigo and is named co-leader of the Gedo gang along with Edge at the end of it all.

Voiced by Takashi Nagasako.

  • Artistic Bruiser: Not in terms of intelligence, but according to Chairperson, she discovered that Gan is actually very talented in Art. The reason he doesn't develop this talent is because he has his own duty to help support his family.
  • Big Eater: Quite literally, too.
  • Big Guy
  • Country Mouse: Is from the country side and has a very numerous family there
  • Delinquents
  • Dumb Muscle: Evidenced in his United By Fate ending, where he tries in vain to understand a textbook.
  • Fat Idiot
  • Gentle Giant
  • Mighty Glacier
  • Stout Strength: Many of his moves are even rooted in sumo wrestling.
  • Talking to Himself: Nagasako voices both him and Boman.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Onigiri (rice balls). Eats them in his taunt and in one of his winning poses. He's apparently been given the title of "Dr. Onigiri" because of his knowledge on rice balls. He also supposedly carries chocolate on his person so he share with people.

Daigo Kazama


Leader of Gedo High's gang, Daigo is fiercely determined to protect his hometown, and teaches his follows on how to do so. When the kidnapping and attacks strike local schools prior to the events of United By Fate, Daigo sets out to find out who is behind it. He does find out Hyo is The Man Behind the Man and challenges him to fight, but is defeated and becomes a brainwashed servant of Hyo. It takes the intervention of his sister Akira and two of his gang's most loyal members, Edge and Gan, to break him out of it. Disappointed by the loss, Daigo set out to train himself to avoid such a loss. During that time, he is somehow turned into a brainwashed sleeper agent of Kurow Kirishima, which segues into Project Justice. Under Kurow's influence, Daigo orders Edge, Gan and the rest of Gedo's gang to attack the other schools, which concern Edge and Gan to the point where they team with Akira again to knock some sense into Daigo. Depending on the ending, either they succeed in breaking Daigo out of his brainwashing and Daigo sets off to train himself again, or he dies from fighting them too many times.

Voiced by Koichi Yamadera in United By Fate, and Akio Ohtsuka in Project Justice.

Seijyun Girls High School

The all-female Distaff Counterpart to Gedo, introduced in Project Justice. As opposed to Gedo reforming delinquent males, Seijyun instead teaches it's mostly well-off female student body the traditional values and virtues a Japanese woman is supposed to have. Not that this stops the free spirits, though - the school is also the base for the Ladies Team, an all-female gang that is occasional rivals with the Gedo High gang, leadered by Aoi "Zaki" Himezaki.

Akira Kazama


Motorcycle-loving younger sister of Daigo. In United By Fate, she enrolls in Gedo High to search about the whereabouts of her brother but since Gedo is an all-boys school, Akira dresses in a thick motorcycle suit and her brother's motorcycle helmet to pass herself off as a boy. She convinces Edge and Gan help her out and manages to become good friend with them to the point that when her gender was revealed, they didn't care. She finishes her first year at Gedo but has to transfer to Seijyun High prior to the events of Project Justice, where she befriends Yurika. When Akira receives news of Daigo's erratic behavior, the two girls ask Zaki for help. The three girls become fast friends, and even after Yurika is revealed as The Mole, Akira is more than willing to welcome her back to school.

Voiced by Chiharu Tezuka.

Zaki (Aoi Himezaki)


Debuting in Project Justice, Zaki is the delinquent leaderess of the Ladies Team gang. Because of this, Akira approaches her to help find out what's with the behavior being displayed by Daigo. Zaki reveal herself to be a very "chain-whip first, ask questions later" sort of person, hating teachers and very irritable. The Ladies Team is fiercely loyal to her, as she's quick to mobilize and organize them when the Gedo High gang leads an attack on Seijyun High. In the Seijyun ending, she helps cheer up Akira in Yurika's absence and comments on the Romantic Two-Girl Friendship between the two.

Voiced by Ai Orikasa.

Yurika Kirishima


Demure violin-playing girl, debuting in Project Justice. She is one of of the first friends Akira makes when she transfers to Seijyun High between the events of the two games, and helps her in asking for Zaki's help. In actuality, Yurika is working as an agent of her younger brother Kurow to further his plans. However, Yurika's time with Akira convinces her that her brother's plans are wrong, and she eventually switches sides in order to stop him. In the Seijyun ending, she disappears from school for a period of time out of guilt for what she did, before returning, much to the relief of Akira.

Voiced by Keiko Han.

Pacific High School

The school of foreign exchange students. Typically a haven for rich Western families to send their kids to see the world, although it has opportunities for the less-advantageous such as Boman. As you might guess, the characters here are not Japanese, but rather hail from Eagle Land.

Roy Bromwell


American foreign transfer student, and The Rival of Batsu. The son of a high-ranking police detective, Roy is ordered by his father to investigate the kidnappings and violence in United By Fate. Roy reluctantly accepts, as he distrusts Japanese people and hates the country after hearing his grandfather's bitter stories about Imperial Japan and World War II - this causes him to clash with much of the mostly-Japanese cast, most notably Batsu. With the help of Tiffany and Boman, Roy traces the attacks to Justice High, but is defeated and becomes a brainwashed servant of the school. It takes the intervention of the Taiyo High students to break them out of it, which convinces Roy that Japanese aren't as bad as it seems, and his burgeoning rivalry with Batsu becomes more of a friendly one. He returns with the United States to Tiffany, determined to change the world. Both he and Tiffany return to Japan during the events of Project Justice, bailing out the Taiyo students and Boman from Kurow's plans. Following Kurow's defeat, Roy returns to the USA, more determined than ever to help change the world.

His United By Fate ending hints at how he does so - by becoming President of the United States 20 years down the line. Yes, seriously.

Voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu.

Tiffany Lords


American transfer student, the daughter of a wealthy businessman and the series' Ms. Fanservice. A member of Pacfic High's cheerleading team, Tiffany joins Roy's investigations of the school violence not out of concern but rather to impress Roy, who she has a crush on. Like Roy, she ends up as a brainwashed servant of Justice High until the Taiyo students break her out of it as well. She returns to the United States with Roy following the events of United By Fate, but when Roy heads off alone to study to get into politics, Tiffany sets out to train to be a bodyguard so she can always be with him. She gets her wish in Project Justice, joining Roy in returning to Japan to help out their classmate Boman and their friends at Taiyo. Afterwards, she returns to the United States to assist Roy in changing the world.

And that ending of Roy's where he becomes US President? Tiffany plays a role in that, too - she's Roy's future wife and First Lady.

Voiced by Miki Narahashi.

  Tiffany: Brainwashing? Hey Roy, what's brainwashing?

Boman Delgado


Middle-class black student from the United States, going to Pacific High on a scholarship. A deeply religious young man, Boman joins Roy's investigation out of concern for the victims and worries about having to fight other since it conflicts with his Christian values. Like his classmates, he also becomes a brainwashed agent for Justice High until snapped out of it by Taiyo High. Unlike Roy and Tiffany, Boman stays in Japan, seeing the good in the people of Japan and wanting to help bridge relations between Japan and the US. In Project Justice, he teams with Ran and Chairperson to investigate the new wave of school violence, and it later joined by the returning Roy and Tiffany. He continues to stay in Japan after the end of the violence, wanting to help continue to build goodwill over in Japan.

Voiced by Takashi Nagasako.

Justice High School

The ultra-elite school in town, this school is designed for teaching the best of the best of the best. As you might guess, it is also the launching pad from where many of the villains in the series set their plans in motion.

Hideo Shimazu


A Japanese language instuctor at Justice High, Hideo is sent out along with Kyoko to recruit students for the fledgling Justice High. When he and Kyoko start questioning the means for their recruitment and bring it up with the principal Raizo, they are defeated by him and brainwashed by Hyo into unquestioning servants of Justice High. Students from Taiyo High snap him out of it, and he helps snap Kyoko out of it as well (or the other way around). After Hyo and Raizo are defeated, Hideo confesses his feelings for Kyoko and proposes to her, which she accepts. In Project Justice a random attack from Gedo High students concerns the pair and they join fellow teacher Hayato in looking into the cause of the new school violence. Hideo is injured during their investigation, but it does not stop Kyoko in reminding him of their wedding.

Voiced by the late Tetsuo Mizutori.

  Batsu: Hmm...that's the Shimazu-style karate, isn't it? Seems like everyone's using that these days.

  • Shoulders of Doom: His shoulder pads, which represent his accomplishments in his family's martial art style.

Kyoko Minazuki


The school nurse at Justice High , Kyoko is teamed with Hideo to recruit students to Justice High by Raizo. Like Hideo, when she questions the means by which they do their recruiting, she becomes brainwashed into another servant of the school. Like Hideo, Taiyo high students help break her out of the mind control and later, she accepts Hideo's marriage proposal. Her dealing with the students also inspires her to help change the world more, outing a corrupt former employer and becoming a teacher at Justice High teaching chemistry. In Project Justice she teams with Hideo and Hayato to investigate the new school violence, and later reminds Hideo of their wedding, as well as their duty to help rebuild Justice High.

Voiced by Kotono Mitsuishi.

Raizo Imawano

File:Rs2misc182 2544.jpg

The principal of Justice High. Originally, Raizo was a member of a clan of assassins led by his family, with his older brother Mugen at the head of it. Mugen's plans for the group was domination of the world through force. Raizo however, had other plans to change the world through education, and left the clan to achieve this dream - but had to leave his wife and infant son behind lest the society come after them for his betrayal.

His dream is realized in Justice High and Raizo eventually adopts it's best student, Hyo, as a surrogate son and eventual heir to run the school. In actuality, Hyo was the son of Mugen, with same ambition of his father to take over the world by force. When Raizo finds this out, he confronts Hyo, but is turned into yet another brainwashed servant of the young man. It takes Raizo's now grown-up son Batsu to snap the old man out of it. Though his school is tarnished by Hyo's actions and the resulting chaos, Raizo is more determined than ever to teach his students not only how to change the world, but also to be immune to tactics like the ones used by Hyo.

His plans, however, are cut short very early on in Project Justice - he is attacked by new student Kurow Kirishima in order to further his plans, and Raizo spends much of that game on the sidelines incapacitated, appearing only to explain who is possesing Hyo and making a cameo in the Justice High ending.

Voiced by Tomomichi Nishimura.

Hyo Imawano


The master mind of the entire plot of United By Fate. The twin son of Raizo's older brother Mugen along with Kyosuke, Hyo was selected by his father to be trained their clan's ways and to eventually inhereit the leadership of the group. Mugen also imprinted on Hyo the belief that the world could only be reformed through sheer force. When his father died, Hyo moved onto the outside world, enrolling at the school started by his estranged uncle. Raizo noticed Hyo's excellence quickly and adopted the young man as a surrogate son and an eventual heir to run Justice High.

Hyo, however, was still imprinted with his father's training and ambitions, and quickly took over Justice High for his own ends. He ordered the kidnapping and coercion of students and teachers for the school, and the attacks and/or brainwashing of those that could be a threat. With the help of his twin brother Kyosuke, Hyo had many schools in a panic and even Raizo under his control. However, it began to fall apart as Hyo's brainwashing was weakened against the teamwork of the other characters, most notably Raizo's son Batsu and his own twin Kyosuke, who turned against him. Hyo was eventually defeated but thanks to Kyosuke, was convinced there could be a better way to change the world.

In Project Justice, Hyo confronts Kurow Kirishima after the latter incapacitates Raizo, and is defeated and turned into a brainwashed servant of the new student... or so Kurow thought. Hyo faked his defeat and pretended to be under Kurow's control, eventually dropping the ruse when Kurow's plans collapsed around him like it had to Hyo a year earlier. Fighting for real this time, Hyo defeats Kurow, but the defeat awakens the spirit of his father Mugen, who possesses Hyo in an attempt to finally realize his plans. It takes the work of Kysouke and his classmates to defeat the possesed Hyo, but the strain on his body leaves him dying (apparently) in Kyosuke's arms as Justice High burns...

Voiced by the late Kaneto Shiozawa.

Kurow Kirishima


The Big Bad behind the events of Project Justice. The assassin group Raizo and Hyo hailed from were not pleased that they had defected to the outside world, and had tossed aside the group's plans for domination. Reorganizing as the Darkside Society, it sent their best remaining assassin, Kurow Kirishima, to eliminate them and their families. Bringing along his sister Yurika as well as admirer Momo in his plans, Kurow set out on his assigned mission, but also made his own plans to take over the world for himself.

Enrolling at Justice High, Kurow set himself up as a normal student until he set his plans in motion, making his move when he incapacitated Raizo and apparently defeating and brainwashing Hyo. Kurow set up a plan where a brainwashed Daigo Kazama would have the Gedo gang cause trouble, Yurika infiltrate Seijyun High to distract Daigo's sister Akira, Momo infiltrates Gorin High to split the core characters' friendship and Kurow himself disguising himself as Batsu and openly attacking other students - the goal being to spread mistrust and confusion among the schools, making them easy pickings for his brainwashing.

Of course, like Hyo before him a year ago, Kurow's plans go awry when the friendship of the characters are only strengthened by the chaos instead of weakened, and his moles betray him for their new found friends. Kurow attempts to use his apparent trump card Hyo, but find out that didn't work out as well as he thought either, and Hyo defeats him, leaving him severely injured. A few days after the fire at Justice High, however, Kurow's hospital room is found wrecked and empty, implying that he'll be back later...

Voiced by Bin Shimada.

Tamagawa Minami High School

A presumably normal high school that is actually not involved in the events of the first game. It's mentioned here because it happens to be the school attended by...

Sakura Kasugano

This junior Street Fighter happens to be a friend of both Hinata and Natsu. For many other tropes regarding to her, check the Street Fighter Alpha character sheet.

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