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Basic Trope: A robot character looks and acts exactly like a human.

  • Straight: H34-TH3R is a robot who passes almost perfectly for a human at first (and possibly second) glance.
  • Exaggerated: 3R has the complete outward anatomy of a human, including certain bits that would be completely impractical on a robot.
    • 3R has human organs and can even become pregnant and give birth to a human-ish kid.
  • Downplayed: 3R may not look human at all, but her personality is almost indistinguishable from a real human.
  • Justified: 3R was built as an experiment into human/robot psychology; she needs to be humanoid in order to get the full human experience. More utilitarian robots in the same universe aren't humanoid at all.
    • Alternatively, 3R has an actual human brain.
    • 3R was intentionally designed to be her creator's human partner/daughter.
    • 3Ris an infiltrator unit, it needs to appear human enough in order to increase its effectiveness and avoid detection.
  • Lampshaded: "Query: Exactly what was the point of giving me superfluous traits like emotion?"
  • Deconstructed: Being ridiculously human also means 3R gets none of the fringe benefits of being robotic; no improved strength, no extended lifespan, no super intelligence, no Brain Uploading, no innate tech savvy, no nothing.
  • Reconstructed: ...At least, that's how she's forced to seem so people still think she's human.
    • But it's not a problem for 3R: Having no robotic advantages doesn't prevents her from partying with her friends, play sports, go to a dinner with her lover...
  • Subverted: 3R looks like a human at first, but she still has numerous glitches that keep her from perfectly mirroring human behavior.
  • Double Subverted: These glitches mimic real human disorders.
  • Inverted: Jerry is a human with so many cybernetics grafted onto him that he barely counts as human anymore.
  • Averted: 3R neither looks nor acts quite like a human.
  • Defied: No robots anywhere in the universe are even remotely humanoid.
  • Played For Laughs: 3R "I'm a robot and you only just told me?"
  • Played For Drama: 3R is just another person trying to fit in, but finds herself encountering fear and resentment wherever she goes. She can, and does, cry.
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