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A prominent artist and animator who got his start training under veterans from The Golden Age of Animation such as Disneys Nine Old Men, as well as Warner Bros. animator Ken Harris and industry drifter Grim Natwick. Totally crazy about silky smooth, seamless animation.

He has done work several projects, most famously Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, the Raggedy Ann and Andy film, and his tragic attempt to make "the greatest animated film" called The Thief and the Cobbler.

These days, Richard is now semi-retired, at least from the industry side of animation, although he still takes up personal animation projects and teaches animation via his acclaimed masterclasses.

He has also published an acclaimed book on animation, "The Animator's Survival Kit." A 16 DVD set version of it also exists, but costs over $1,000. It also exists as a live class.

No relation to Robin Williams, by the way.

Fulfills the Wiki Rule.

Films he has been involved with:

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