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This Is Gonna Suck

Well, It looks as though our heroes have been Swallowed Whole and must find a way to escape. The predator in question may be a whale, a dinosaur, a dragon, an Eldritch Abomination, or... Wait, why is the creature hollowed out?

This is a subtrope of You Fail Biology Forever, when the interior of the predator looks like the inside of the ribcage, devoid of any internal organs. In Videogames, this can be seen in the Womb Level. This trope can be averted by a depiction of the inside of the stomach as the inside of a meaty balloon, with acid dripping down the walls for good measure.

Compare Just Eat Him.

Examples of Ribcage Stomach include:


  • This Mountain Dew commercial.



Films -- Animated

  • In Disney's Pinocchio, the inside of Monstro is depicted like this.
  • Averted in Finding Nemo, where Dory and Marlin are both trapped inside the whale's mouth.

Video Games

Web Original

Western Animation

  • In an episode of Xiaolin Showdown, Dojo is accidentally let out of his cage during the periodic hour when he becomes evil, and then he swallows the four Xiaolin Monks whole. They eventually escape, and Dojo got better.
  • In the "Game of Peril" episode of The Perils of Penelope Pitstop, this trope is in play when the Ant Hill Mob are swallowed by a whale.
  • The shark in the House of Mouse short "Mickey and the Seagull".
  • Dragon Tales did this with a rhinoceros.
  • Camp Lazlo takes this trope even further by incorporating a ribcage and a uvula into a giant bird's stomach. The latter has some plot relevance.
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