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The process of evaluating a work in a public manner. May include a rating but it is not necessary. Reviewers are often called critics, and can come in many forms, from someone genuinely attempting to evaluate a work for public benefit, to those who deliberately pick up on a bad work and insult it in the funniest way possible. Over the years this has made reviewing a serious industry, especially with New Media. Whole companies and sites can depend on their reviewing of works. This is most visible in the gaming and filming industry where it goes hand and hand. If a game or movie gets even a mediocre rating the makers can say bye-bye to their potential profits.

Possibly an even bigger source of entertainment than the works being reviewed. This can lead to interesting twists. If a work gets a bad enough rating but an entertaining review, it can gain a ton more sales just on the advertisement on how it's So Bad It's Good. This can go for films, shows, comics, and games. Thus, reviews can be seen much like a forced advertisement makers have to gamble on.

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