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Reverse Shrapnel

Are all your Magic and Powers So Last Season it's not funny? Are your friends and rivals leaving you in the dust because their kung fu is stronger? Have you even lost your luster in cutscenes?

Well worry no more! Trope Co® has developed the ultimately useful, impossibly indispensable, Reverse Shrapnel©!

Unlike normal shrapnel that expands in all directions for a Sphere of Destruction, Reverse Shrapnel© will focus its explosive, glowy death into a protective ring around you. It can be floating weapons, Ki Attacks, or missiles-- all of which will unerringly home in on nearby enemies. Even cheating AI's can't dodge it!

Don't settle for knock off products that are passe like Roboteching Macross Missile Massacre, get your own Reverse Shrapnel©! today!

1. Does not apply to Invincible Minor Minion and certain end-game or Bonus Boss fights. Please consult your HP and Mana with a licensed healer. Trope Co® is not responsible for any self destruct sequences or collapsing dungeons as a result of misuse of Reverse Shrapnel©! or any related Trope Co® brand name products.

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