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This is a rather trope-heavy Alternate Universe Resident Evil RP group found on Tumblr. It should be noted that there are Resident Evil Revelations spoilers being posted there on a regular basis.

Due to how there have been roleplayers who've left and their characters got reset, the plotline summary is being rewritten. The tropes relating to the characters who have been now taken out of the story be reset, since the roleplayers in question may not go with the different interpretations of the character.

The plotline

The main storyline starts out in August. Wesker is searching for more viral samples and has recruited the Wolfpack to help him. Several BSAA members get involved in the story (though it should be noted that Chris and Jill, despite being two of the main characters in the main series, have avoided most of this conflict). Parker ends up switching sides due to a deal.

Meanwhile, RPD, a sentient bipedal chain-smoking alcoholic licker, had recently been released from testing and is now being used as a weapon, being sent on missions. He and HUNK are sent off to a tanker (in is what is dubbed "The Tanker incident") to retrieve a viral sample. Parker ends up getting sent in as backup, along with Lupo, but Lupo leaves early due to her orders. After they end up in the hospital, it's revealed that RPD had a mind control device placed on him. Parker and HUNK (the latter weakened due to a gunshot wound that ends up getting reopened) get the device off of him. They then do some digging and it's revealed that Umbrella is planning on using that sort of technology on other BO Ws to form an army.

In November, Parker and HUNK get sent in to deal with Theta-Med, a rival pharmaceutical company. During the course of the incident, both end up hallucinating due to a serum both of them received and Parker ends up infected with the T-Abyss Virus.

Due to a one-night stand, Excella is revealed to have become pregnant with Wesker's children (fraternal twins). Her character arc includes how she's adjusting to what's going on.

Leon ends up in a fight with Lupo. During it, she poisons him with a rare poison that requires one to constantly keep one's heart rate up, otherwise one will die. It is then later revealed that Claire is pregnant with his child.

Alfred ends up revealing that he's placed cameras everywhere. This causes everyone to panic, because Alfred put any footage of sexual acts up on the internet for people to watch. This ends up resulting in a fight between Sergei and Nicholai, who were involved with one another. Parker ends up mutating into an Oozelike creature. Raymond and Charlotte end up taking care of him for the duration and Parker's subjected to several. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Harold spend their time getting to know one another.

RPD is still working directly for Wesker, given stabilizing shots for his mutation when he completes a mission. He's mutating slowly and worried that he's going to lose his mind.

Alex Wesker, Jake Mueller, and Sherry Birkin end up involved with the main storyline, along with Jessica Sherawat. Alex spends their time probing around, trying to get RPD to join their side with promises of a cure. They also offer HUNK a position as a mercenary, despite how little they would pay HUNK when compared to Umbrella. Jessica generally angers people, especially Jill, Raymond, and Parker, due to the events of Revelations.

RPD ends up running around the city, his mask off so everyone can see he's a Licker, while in full uniform. Eventually, Wesker catches up to him and captures him, subjecting him to procedures that make RPD mutate into a mindless monster that is described as being like a cross between a Licker and a Tyrant.

This roleplay gives examples of:

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