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Eight total strangers that were all within the same bar when the zombie infection hit Racoon City. The eight of them join forces to fight the outbreak.

Kevin Ryman

A police officer who attempted twice to become a member of S.T.A.R.S. but failed. He's cheerful and brave, but somewhat irresponsible; he keeps cheap liquor in the fridge at the RPD, and his bar tab is apparently huge and well overdue. Kevin was a member of the unit Leon was set to join, and they only met each other once, but are amicable with one another.

  • Badass: Just watch his ending where he stays in the city with Jim because they are infected.

 Kevin: "Now... let's finish this like men."

  • Cowboy Cop: He applied for S.T.A.R.S. twice and got rejected due to his happy-go-lucky personality, and was on the verge of becoming a desk jockey due to that.
  • Ho Yay: For no readily obvious reason, if Kevin shows up in RE fic at all, it's usually as part of a pairing with David, Leon, or both.
    • Irony: If you play as David, AI Kevin will not help you or listen. If you play as Kevin, AI David will also be spiteful. Doesn't stop the shippers, though.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: He can take extra time to aim handguns, increasing its damage output.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Kevin is the fastest character and has the second most health, but compensates for this by having a comparatively short virus gauge. Even on low difficulties, Kevin's real enemy in levels like "Decisions, Decisions" is the clock, as it's very easy for his virus gauge to run out before he reaches the final boss fight.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: He's a scruffy Tom Cruise with a mullet.
  • Noob: Kevin was pretty much the newbie-bait character. If a Kevin showed up in your online game at all, he would be a complete load about 90% of the time.
    • The game even recommends that Kevin is for beginners.

Alyssa Ashcroft

A very stubborn reporter, and an acquaintance of Ben Bertulucci's. Alyssa begins the game with a taser, which can inflict startlingly high amounts of damage at close range.

  "I've spent a lot of time on all fours."

Cindy Lennox

A waitress at the initial bar, Cindy is very kind, putting others' needs before hers. She carries an herb case that allows her to carry a massive amount of medical supplies, and starts a scenario with enough herbs in the case to make two 100% mixed herbs. Cindy can duck attacks, allowing her to completely avoid almost any injury if you time it right.

  • Back-Alley Doctor: She's not The Medic because George gets that title being the main doctor, but her carrying herbs make her at least this.
  • The Chick: In practice, Cindy's just as capable as any other character, but she's the most Chick-like of the lot.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: It's not obvious until you see her in her biker outfit in File #2, but Cindy is played by Uma Thurman.
  • The Heart
  • The Medic: Better differentiated from George in File #2, but she counts in both games by being a living storeroom for herbs.

Mark Wilkins

A security guard and a married man with a son. He's overweight but very strong. Mark can move objects by himself that would usually require two people, and can rear back for a more powerful melee strike. He has the most health of any survivor and has the ability to block.

David King

A plumber of unknown past. He is very reserved and silent.

  • Estrogen Brigade Bait: David C in File #2 is just wearing a pair of leather pants with no shirt or shoes, and he lets his hair down. The women who played Outbreak didn't seem to use any other character or costume.
  • Game Breaker: David has roughly three times the special bonuses of any other character in Outbreak. He can create new weapons, repair broken ones, stun enemies by throwing wrenches at them, and is always armed with an unbreakable knife. He has really low accuracy with handguns, but that doesn't compensate for the utility of his knife combos. His viral gauge is also a bit slower.
  • Gangsta Style: How he holds handguns. Maybe that's why he can't hit the broad side of a barn?
  • Improvised Weapon: One of his skills is to create these, among them Aerosol Flamethrowers, Blades on a Stick, and Static Stun Guns.
  • Knife Nut: When equipped with a knife, David can swing four times in succession if you push the button with the right timing. The fourth strike is a powerful backhand swing that knocks enemies flying. In File #2, bringing four David-types to spam the fourth hit is the "knife-wall" strategy, and was the most common way to cheese the last battle in "Desperate Times."
  • Mysterious Past: Little is known about him.
    • Several of his SP Items in the first Outbreak indicate he was a juvenile delinquent.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: David looks a lot like Adrian Paul did on the "Highlander" TV show.
  • The Stoic / The Quiet One

Jim Chapman

A subway worker, Jim relies on his good luck to survive. Jim is capable of playing dead, which makes enemies ignore him as long as he stays flat on the ground. Unfortunately, while Jim is "dead," his virus gauge skyrockets.

  • Ambiguously Gay: What with that highlighted hair and wimpy attitude.
  • Black and Nerdy: He's a fan of crossword puzzles.
  • Lethal Joke Character: Jim begins the game with his lucky coin. Flipping it and getting "Heads" permanently increases his critical hit rate by 15%, which stacks up to three times. If you get "Tails," however, it returns him to the standard rate. Standing around and flipping the coin until you hit "Heads" three times turns Jim into one of the single most dangerous combat characters in the game, particularly when armed with a lead pipe.
    • Jim's other lucky coin, which he begins with in File #2, gives a small crit bonus to any character holding it, and extends the durability of melee weapons.
  • Lovable Coward: It's hard to determine whether he is The So-Called Coward or a Cowardly Lion.
  • Luck Stat: His items are about luck, which make him:
    • Born Lucky: If that isn't default already.
    • Game Breaker: Get "Heads" with his lucky coin three times in a row and his shoots will hit critical more often than not!
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: By default, Jim looks like Chris Tucker, but his basketball outfit tilts him more towards Dennis Rodman.
  • Notice This: When looking at the map, Jim can see the location of every item available in the room.
  • Playing Possum: His defensive move, as noted above.
    • When he's on the ground, Jim's virus gauge shoots up as if he's been incapacitated through damage. This can be temporarily stopped with anti-virus pills, however. More importantly, when Jim goes to play dead, he throws himself to the ground in a headlong dive, which is sometimes a more useful defensive move than playing dead would be by itself. Jim was considered a very strong character for speed runs because of this.
  • The Smart Guy: He's good at solving puzzles, and is usually seen carrying some crosswords.

George Hamilton

A kind doctor and recent divorcee. He manages to remain calm and polite even under stress. George's hobbies include hiking and collecting watches.

  • Ensemble Darkhorse: George went from the least desirable character in the first game to a skill-based powerhouse in File #2.
  • Game Breaker: In File #2, an expert player can abuse the hell out of George's Ampoule Shooter. You can load it with anti-virus pills to one-shot almost any enemy, or transmute blue herbs into healing items and shoot other players with it.
  • Genius Bruiser: George can launch a more powerful shoulder tackle than any other character, which makes him (of all people) the most powerful unarmed combatant in the cast.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero: Every single SP Item George gets in the first Outbreak is some model of wristwatch, which makes it look like he's obsessive-compulsive.
  • The Medic: Well, he is a doctor.
  • Nice Guy
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: He slightly resembles Christopher Reeve.
  • Official Couple: George has a special ending with Cindy.
  • The Quiet One

Yoko Suzuki

A former Umbrella researcher, Yoko witnessed the attack on William Birkin and tried to get the hell out of town. Unfortunately, she didn't see the outbreak coming and wound up trapped.

Yoko has the lowest health of any survivor, but her virus gauge climbs the slowest. She has an evasion move that, while initially seeming useless, gives her an enormous invulnerability window. She's also got a backpack that lets her hold twice the amount of equipment as anyone else.

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