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Fridge Brilliance

  • Alfred and Alexia from childhood have had an obsession with ants and dragonflies. Claire sees a movie early on, where the twins as children pluck off a dragonfly's wings and drop it into an ant farm to be slowly devoured. The motif repeats itself a couple of times in a couple of ways throughout the game, ending in a final battle that's pretty much a replay of the home movie.

    Alexia's ultimate death is an almost perfect mirror of the home movie Claire and Steve discovered in the "Rockfort Mansion" and plays nicely into her deluded obsession with ants, making it full of symbolism and maybe even something of a Karmic Death.
  • Alfred's being a terrible shot despite having a laser-pointer-equipped sniper rifle is an almost Genius Bonus level Shout-Out: the exact same model of sniper rifle appeared in George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead film, where Peter notes that The only person who could miss with this gun is the sucker with the bread to buy it.. True enough, Alfred is rich enough to buy such an expensive gun, and he is completely incompetent at using it.

Fridge Logic

  • In Code: Veronica X, Wesker knows Steve's name. But Steve's dead, they never met before then, and there's no indication whatsoever that Wesker heard a few of the conversations in-game that would indicate that his name was Steve.
    • Steve was a prisoner of an Umbrella run facility, and they would keep track of that sort of thing. Wesker was pretty much running Umbrella at this point, so he'd undoubtably have access to those records.
  • To quote The Dark Id regarding Claire's imprisonment on the island: "Instead of turning her over to the police like rational people, we decided to kidnap her and ship her off to our corporate branch death camp." Umbrella routinely makes stupid decisions, but there is seriously no real reason for them to lock up Claire themselves. It would be understandable if she knew corporate secrets or something, but she broke into the Paris lab facility specifically because she was looking for answers and any claims she made to the police would probably be dismissed.
    • Not necessarily. According to RE 4's intro movie, after the thing in Raccoon City, the US Government started seriously looking at Umbrella and shut them down. Code Veronica would've been happening just as that investigation was getting started, so I don't think she would've been so quickly dismissed.
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