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  • One of Leon's unlockable bonus weapons is called Matilda.
    • This is also a shout-out to Resident Evil 2. You could find the parts to upgrade Leon's handgun to the Matilda, and Hunk had one listed as the Matilda in his inventory in "The 4th Survivor" subplot.
    • Another reference to the film: the hardest difficulty setting is "Professional".
  • There is a possible shout-out to Deep Rising, as the finales are extremely similar.
  • The Broken Butterfly's description mentions it will "make anyone's day." The Merchant also notes that the Broken Butterfy is "not just about shooting, it's about reloading. You'll know what I'm talking about."
    • He's also warning you about the longer reload time there, which can get you very killed if you're not careful.
  • Ada's pose for "Separate Ways" mirrors the film poster for Nikita.
  • One magnum is named Killer 7, and it resembles KAEDE Smith's weapon.
    • Equip Leon with the Handcannon and his pose in the Status Menu will change to the stance used by Dan Smith.
  • There are many similarities to the monstrous mutations and John Carpenter's The Thing. Most noticeably the Colmillos, the wolves in the game, which look almost exactly like the dog in the film.
  • The final part of the game in "Separate Ways", when you need to get Leon the rocket launcher, seems to be based off of part of a map (oil rig) in Counter-Strike.
  • Not only is there an underground lab section with a nearly impossible-to-pass laser grid system, but afterwards there's a chair with two candelabra in which Leon can strike a pose similar to a certain dark lord.
  • The Plagas bear more than a passing resemblance to the parasites in Parasyte. Specifically, a normal human walking towards you with a quickly-whipping mass of bladed tentacles and eyestalks sticking out of his neck.
  • Ramon Salazar seems to be named after one of the villains in 24.
  • Bitores Mendez heavily resembles Grigori Rasputin. In fact, Jessi Corti's voice work for him even bears an uncanny resemblance to Grigori Rasputin from the Hellboy movie.
  • In one of the castle rooms, you can find some firespitting statues of dragons. They are almost identical to the weapon Ifrit from the first Devil May Cry game.
  • Help the trapped dog early on and he'll come back to help Leon in the first El Gigante fight. The dog is none other than Hewie from Haunting Ground.
  • One of Ashley's outfits is a suit of armor. The Protagonist of Ghosts n Goblins was outfitted with such a suit of armor too.
  • It's been noted that the game contains a lot of similarities with Dagon, an adaptation of The Shadow Over Innsmouth. The inhuman villagers armed primarily with melee weapons stalking a lone protagonist, the setting in rural Spain, and the religious cult revolving around betentacled abominations are all similarities. A random villager even looks almost exactly like the Merchant.
  • Elements of Wesker's role in Separate Ways, and to a lesser extent, the non-canon mode Assignment Ada and the main game itself, are indicative of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, which one review even noted.
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