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While the Resident Evil series has plenty of Narm, there are intentionally funny moments too.

 Chris: "We got to the ROOT of the problem!"

Rebecca: *dead silence*

  • Resident Evil 2 has a moment where Leon catches up to Femme Fatale Ada Wong, and attempts to make conversation. Keep in mind Leon is wearing a blue police uniform with insignia everywhere and the giant letters R.P.D. emblazoned on his back.

 Leon: "Ada, I don't think I've introduced myself yet. My name's Leon; I'm with the RPD."

Ada: *shrugs as if to say "Uhm...okay, thanks for sharing"*

    • Another funny moment is in the N64 version of the game. Rebecca has a report about Billy Coen being dead, but she mispells his name 'Koen.'
  • There are hidden scenes in Resident Evil Code Veronica where if Steve goes back to Claire during his scene she dials the snark Up to Eleven.

 "Do you want me to take care of this for you, little boy?"

 Guards: "Get back! This is your only warning! Do not approach the submarine!"

Leon: "What are you going to do...shoot me?"

Guards: "Open fire!"

Leon: *dives for cover, desperately trying to shoot back* *Then, after the sub leaves...* "I can't believe they opened fire!"

 Salazar: I've sent my right hand to dispose of you.

Leon: Your right hand comes off?

    • Made even better when you realize that, given all the weird shit Leon has seen, that is a perfectly valid question.
    • Another good one comes earlier, when Leon meets Luis, and he shows the Spaniard a picture of Ashley.

 Luis: "Let me guess. She's the President's daughter?"

Leon: "That's too good for a guess. How'd you know?"

Luis: *ominous voice* "Psychic Powers."

Leon: *looks like he might actually be considering it*

Luis: "Naah, I'm just kidding."

    • A moment of unintended hilarity can happen with Luis if you're wearing Leon's first alternate costume:

 Luis: You a cop?

(looks at Leon wearing his Raccoon Police Department outfit)

Luis: Nah, you don't look the type.

    • Jump off a ladder (don't catch Ashley) and aim at her, or perform a suplex and land under Ashely, and she'll call you a pervert and cover up her skirt.
      • Made even better when Leon dies under her, she'll be calling pervert when it fades into "You died" screen.
    • In the island military base, there's an oven containing a Ganado. Most first-time players won't know what to do (and take double-damage if the fan-nicknamed "Oven Man" grabs them), but those expecting should step back immediately as soon as Oven Man bursts through. He dies of his own burns shortly.
  • Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles gives us this exchange between Leon and Krauser, stuck in a huge, flooding room with zombies, infected piranha and Hunter Gammas:

 Krauser: "It's dark, it's wet, there's monsters..."

Leon: "Turnin' out to be one hell of a day, huh?"

Krauser: "At least I got you here backin' me up, though, huh boyscout?"

Leon: "You're not gonna ask me to hold your hand, are you?"

Krauser: "If only your aim was as good as your jokes."

  Carlos: I know, you want to ask me out. All the foxy ladies love my accent. It drives them crazy.

    • And:

  Carlos: Just so you know, I'm not into the whole pain is pleasure thing.

  • Barry Burton's alternate costume for Mercenaries 3D. It's Chris's warrior outfit, recolored to be red, white, and blue.
  • From the blooper track for Degeneration:

 Leon: "There's one thing I need to tell you guys:"

(Dramatic Pause)

Leon: "My paycheck... is way too good."

Angela: (Blank Stare)

Leon: "Really. Damn. Good."

    • There's also this gem.

 Leon: Angela.

Angela turns around to face him

Leon: (blubbering) Don't leave me! I'm scared.

Angela:...You're pathetic. (Leaves)

Leon: (still blubbering) Angela...wait...

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