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The only good game for the N-Gage. A parody of the most noticeable videogames and gaming tropes from the golden age of arcades through to the modern day, in which parodies of popular franchise characters fight each other on pathways made from falling Tetris blocks in an attempt to 'rescue' one another's princesses. Yes, it's that kind of game.

Contains examples of:

  • Affectionate Parody - All the characters, really.
  • A Winner Is You - Often said outright by a rescued princess.
  • BFG - More specifically, the BFGP (Biggest Freaking Gun Possible) powerup.
  • Captain Ersatz: Count for yourself. Most obvious:
    • Plumber = Mario
    • Hedgehog = Sonic
    • Monster Tamer = Tabletop Games/Pokemon
    • Cyborg = Quake III Arena/Unreal Tournament/ Metroid Prime
    • Level 50 Elf = Everquest
    • Doctor Lovebomber = Bomberman
  • Cloning Blues - "Fortunately, I have a backup of... me!"
  • Creepy Child - The Monster Tamer. Brrr.
  • Crossover - At least in terms of the parodic characters.
  • Geo Effects - By creating "Combos", which are horizontal or vertical lines of at least five blocks, players can gain multiple advantages, such as faster movement and increased attack and defense. Blocks that form combos are also harder to remove than those that do not.
  • Gotta Catch Em All - All The Princesses, at least. The "Monster Tamer" lampoons this brilliantly.
  • Level Grinding - The Level 50 Elf, in order to become level 50, kills bunny after bunny after bunny after bunny after...
  • Mad Scientist - Doctor Lovebomber, and how.
  • Murder Simulators - Doctor Lovebomber regularly chuckles over this idea while attacking other characters.
  • Retraux - "Welcome back to the playground of your youth!"
  • Riding the Bomb - In the cutscene for Doctor Lovebomber's special move.
  • Rocket Jump - The Cyborg's special move.
  • Shout-Out - Too many to count, with one of the finest being when the ending cutscene for Cyborg reveals 'him' to be an attractive woman, a'la Samus Aran.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard - Seriously. They'll always get the best items every. friggin. time.
  • Totally Radical - Hedgehog pushes this trope to the limits- perhaps unsurprising as he is created from bling and market research by Doctor Lovebomber.
  • Unwanted Rescue
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