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File:Catherine the great crown.jpg

Royal Blood is never enough. You want everything you wear to show your majesty as well. Well have no worries, Your Majesty, for Trope Co® is here, to supply you with any and all the various Requisite Royal Regalia you require.

What kind of crown would you like? We have them in all sizes, shapes, and materials, with customizable precious stones, pointy spikes, or a classic circlet.

What about your royal cape? Do you want a robe, full length cape, or a short cape? Do you want it decorated with ermine, some other fur, or some other material? Do you want other decorations, like the Fleur-de-Lis?

What about rings? Magical or mundane? Jewelry, seals, or jewelry in the form of seals (latter not recommended for wax seals)?

What kind of Pimped Out Dress or Bling of War do you want?

It's all yours to choose, and Trope Co is only happy to help.

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