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  • Word of God from chapter 7, on Garrus: "As you may have noticed, Garrus is a bit...different. This is kind of what happens when you take someone whose solution to uncontrolled crime and restrictive police procedure was to become Sniper Batman and give him free reign to prosecute crime his way - without providing the baseline sense of restraint that a police force would instill. You get, well, the unholy fusion of turian Jack Bauer and the Kool-Aid Man."
    • To elaborate: When Garrus needs to grab a guy to interrogate him, he hijacks a C-Sec tank and blows up his car right after he gets out of it. When he needs to drop in on a mercenary hideout, he crashes through the fucking wall with giant cargo hauler and kneecaps everyone. When the above mercenaries have six such hideouts, well, he does it six times, to equal success everytime.
    • And to cap it off? When he needs to return to the first hideout, he crashes through the wall again. A different wall this time, with the first hole still clearly visible from his point of entry.
  • One of the very best is at the end of the fifth chapter, where Kane makes his triumphant return after a hundred and fifty years by cutting off the Council in the middle of one of their speeches by hijacking the holoprojector in the Council Chamber.
    • The response to the above as well. Almost every review posted had some form of "KANE LIVES!" written in their reviews.
  • Jenkins gets one when he kills eight geth in about as many seconds, including a Destroyer, in close combat. Then Saren kills him by scrambling his targeting and releasing the buzzers.
  • Sovereign has a moment when it faces off against a GDI ion cannon array that is described as being able to destroy the most powerful dreadnoughts in anyone's fleet. It actually outmaneuvers the arrays and ion cannon satellites around Eden Prime by bombarding them at a distance and then forcing them to expend their shots at a distant target, and the jumps into FTL right before the beams reach its position. The array in question dumps all its capacitors into the guns to recharge instantly, and delivers a point-blank blast into the Reaper - which Sovereign shrugs off, suffering only superficial damage, and then clinically destroys the array before moving on.
  • Zaeed's approach to a warehouse full of mercenaries. Blow open the door with a carbomb and then march inside piloting a freaking Wolverine with guns and grenade launchers blazing.
  • Zaeed, in his Wolverine mech, attempts to grab the Quarians for the Shadow Broker. Shepherd is in a Mexican Standoff with him and Jacob's men are too far away. And then Alenko shows up, lifts his two-ton REV12 in the air with his biotics, and then chucks him out of the room with his bare hands. Big Damn Heroes indeed.
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