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Ada: You... knew each other?

Leon: Well, the script says I did, but hell if I've ever seen that guy before the cutscene.

Itchy: Look Scratchy, it's our old friend Poochie!

Scratchy: What's that name again? I forgot.
The Simpsons, "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show"
I don't know who Anisa is either, but it's heavily implied she became Jasmine's mother figure after she lost her actual one. If Anisa is that important, why have we not heard of her for 15 years? You can't just invent a character like this when so much already exists without her. Where was she at Jasmine's wedding?
Platypus Comix review of Disney Princess Enchanted Tales

Mels: I'm [Amy and Rory's] best mate.

Doctor: Then why don't I know you? I danced with everyone at their wedding. The women were all brilliant. The men...were a bit shy.
Doctor Who, "Let's Kill Hitler"
Haha! Fancy meeting you here, princess. Remember me?
—Anthony Higgs, Metroid: Other M
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