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A subtrope of Evil Redhead. While the Jerk Jock or the Alpha Bitch will usually be a blond, it's very common, especially in American media, to give the school bully red hair.

Red hair stereotypically indicates a fiery temper, which most bullies often have in order to be abusive. Redheads also tend to have freckles, which makes them look more childish, mischievous, and conniving.

Averted for the most part in real life, as in real life, somebody with red hair is more likely get bullied himself.

Contrast Heroes Want Redheads and Redheaded Hero.

Examples of Redheaded Bully include:


  • Strawberry-blond Flash Thompson was Peter Parker's tormentor in high school, although they became friends later in life.



  • Joe Guire in How To Eat Fried Worms.

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