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Crowning Moments of Awesome from the Web Series Red vs. Blue

Season 1:


Season 3:

    • "Your toast has been burnt and no amount of scraping will remove the black parts!"
  • Tucker quickly becoming proficient with his new-found sword by killing the Red Zealot.

Season 5:

  • In Red vs. Blue, season 5, episode 99, Tucker manages to get one of his very own. In spite of spending the entire series being almost entirely incompetent, he managed to put a halt to Wyoming's nefarious scheme with spectacular ability. He tricked Wyoming by pretending to be affected by one of his time skips, then stabs him, and uses the time-travel ability to dodge bullets and kill clones. He also managed to grab a hold of sniper rifle that he had been deprived of since the beginning, and get headshots with every single shot.
  • In episode 98 when the Blue Team is under attack by the army of Wyoming clones, the Red Team comes out of nowhere riding on the Warthog and pure ownage happens when the Reds provide pure smackdown on the Wyoming clones. All the time, Ranchero music is blaring on the "Chupathingy's" radio.


  • One cannot forget Washington's epic killing of a Hornet in Valhalla. It involves a man cannon and explosive barrels.

 Wash: Just take that ship down!

Grif: If it's so easy, why don't you do it?

Wash: Fine.

  • does so*

Wash: Ok. Now can we go?

  • Church pulls one off in Chapter 19. The episode attempts to trick you into believing Church is fleeing from the final fight, only worried about himself and his safety. Then, when Washington is cornered by the Meta within the base, Church suddenly appears in all his glorious miniaturized A.I. hologram form. Just before he goes to buy Washington more time, Wash tries to warn him that when the EMP goes off, it'll kill him too. Church, however, interrupts him in the most badass of fashions.

 Church: "When it goes off, I'll be fine. It only affects computers, remember? And I am a motherfucking ghost."


  • Grif finally calling out Sarge on his Neidermeyer tendencies while on a ledge out of the range of Sarge's shotgun.

 Grif: Sarge, since we may not make it outta this, maybe there's a few things I should tell you. You know, since you can't reach me. ... Like the reason why I never listen to you. Or never follow your orders. And why I don't think anything you say is ever important. ... But I want you to understand, Sarge. It's not because I'm lazy. It's because I don't like you. Or respect you. In any way. I have no positive feelings towards you. ... Now I imagine it can be pretty hard to be an ineffective leader with no respect.

  • Sarge fires his shotgun and misses.*

Grif: ...Who doesn't understand that his primary weapon has an effective range much shorter than most weapons. But I think since we're gonna die anyway, you deserve to know that.

  • Tucker's triumphant return has him taking on the entire evil dig team to rescue Caboose, Sarge and Grif and kicking their asses.
  • Washington's speech during the end of the final episode.

 Chairman: "When you find these Blue soldiers that you’re talking about, what makes you think that they are just going to give you the Epsilon unit when you ask them for it?"

Agent Washington: “Ha ha... for as long as I can remember, I’ve been lied to, taken advantage of, shot in the back, and left for dead... and now, I have a way out of all of this. What in the hell makes you think that I’m going to ask for it?”


  • Episode 2: Sarge pulling an Awesomeness By Analysis moment by deducing that Washington and the Meta have killed Lopez and Donut and taken Simmons and Doc prisoner using Simmons' forced transmission.
  • Episode 3: Sarge and Grif taking out Washington. The entire sequence.
  • Episode 10: This One Goes to Eleven. Short version is that after an extended absence from the series Tex returns and proceeds to kick copious quantities of ass. And does so in style.
    • Also yet another awesome moment everything from the ever awesome Monty Oum.
    • The entire episode can pretty much be summed up in one line: "Agent Tex is a bit of a Badass."
    • Tucker gets one when Tex throws a massive shipping crate at him, Sarge, Simmons and Grif.

 Grif: We gotta get outta here!

Simmons: We'll be crushed!

Tucker: (igniting his energy sword) Don't worry, guys! I got this!

(Just when the crate is at the right angle...)

Tucker: (swings) SWISH!

      • The Reds thought they'd be crushed; the most damage it did was spilling out its cargo, covering Sarge in med-kits.
    • Even in-universe, people thought it was cool.

 Tucker: That was aweso-*CRUNCH!*

    • Special mention has to go to Tex outrunning a heat-seeking rocket, exploiting a couple of portals, and blowing everyone else to high heaven, literally diving into another portal at the last second to dodge the blast.
  • Sarge's epic speech in Chapter 18.

 Sarge: Let me ask you two a question. You ever wonder why we're here?

  • Episode 19. All that can really be said is... Ace and her baseball bat better move over.
    • The fight everyone had been waiting for for three seasons: Tex. Versus. The. Meta. (Oh, and Washington was there too.)
      • Wash was more than just there. He and his clever acquisition of Tex's battle rifle was the reason Meta was ever able to overpower her.
    • The Red's and Blue's Big Damn Gunship moment, whereupon they crash a Pelican into the middle of the battlefield and taking out the Meta, if only temporarily.
  • Episode 20. The whole fight between The remaining Reds and Tucker and the Meta is simply spectacular. Of special note is the moment when Sarge walks right up to the Meta, blasting him with his shotgun to little or no effect, and hooks him with the Warthog's towcable, finishing him off for good.

  Sarge: "Hey Meta... settle a bet, would ya? Does that thing kinda look like a big cat to you?"

    • Don't forget the initial scuffle between Wash and Meta. Wash takes Tex's knife and uses it with a far greater proficiency, slashing Meta's neck twice and throwing it at him when he's cloaked.Then, he draws his battle rifle faster than Meta can raise his bruteshot. Unfortunately, explosives beat bullets in a firefight.

Season 9:

  • The first CGI fight sequence in the season featuring North Dakota and South Dakota.
    • Seconded. Except I vote for the coffee guy as the most awesome grunt in the episode. It takes guts to go for an alarm after a freelancer tells you not to.
  • Four episodes in and looks as though Season 9 is supposed to be made of taking Crowning Moments of Awesome. As of yet, it's working.
  • North blocking a whole lot of missiles from killing everyone on the plane while being shot full of bullets.
    • Made more awesome retroactively when it's mentioned that using his shield attachment without an AI like that could have easily killed him even without the chestful of bullets. And yet he's walking around absolutely fine just an episode after.
  • Only a mere second of screentime, and the "new agent" (Tex) already has one. The conversation between Washington and the Soldier who bumps into him sums up the excitement.

 Washington: Soldier, where is everybody going?

Soldier: New agent! Squaring off against Maine, Wyoming, and York on the training room floor. We're going to watch! Hey guys wait up!

North Dakota: Three on one?

Washington: I gotta see this!

North Dakota: Yeah, right behind you.

    • Maine, Wyoming, and York vs Texas. To say it was a Curb Stomp Battle is putting it nicely. Tex beat all 3 of them in stick combat, hand-to-hand, and the shooting round, even when two of them used real bullets against her.
      • I would like to add that in the hand-to-hand portion of the episode, she ducked a punch that came at her from behind. That's right, she wasn't even looking at it. And it nails Wyoming in the face.
  • Tucker finally lampshading the creepiness and tragedy that is Epsilon/Tex.
  • All of Episode 15, with the highlight being getting the sarcophagus into the escape Pelican in free fall.
    • The entire fight against "Shark Face", an extremely heavily-armored ODST with a flamethrower. Takes on two of the top Freelancers on his own and doesn't do half bad.

 Wash: What the fuck is with this guy?

    • Three words: "Firing main cannon."
    • Special praise goes to Four-Seven-Niner, for having the sheer gall to even ATTEMPT what she did in that Pelican. To say nothing about actually succeeding.
    • A small squad of soldiers tries to arrest Agent Maine...and almost immediately realize just how screwed they are.

 Wash: "I almost feel sorry for the guys down there."

    • Wash shoots down a Hornet with his battle rifle in FREE FALL. There's a reason his specialty icon is a battle rifle.
  • Pretty much all of Episode 17 also, with the absolutely insane driving battle over the package.
    • Carolina picking up Maine's brute shot and pwning someone with it, while on top of a speeding truck.
    • Maine taking a sniper shot for Carolina and then getting up to fight an elite mook, he gets his ass handed to him, but it was still badass how much punishment he could take and still keep fighting.
    • Carolina activating the Super Speed equipment.
      • Carolina chasing down a guy with a jet pack. On foot, no less.
  • Andy out-insulting Tucker in Episode 18, to the point where the latter admits Andy's last insult was "a pretty good burn".
  • The end of episode 19, where Tex and Church send Tucker and Caboose to attack the Reds in one final adventure and then sitting back and watching the fireworks as the Epsilon capture unit collapses.
  • For the real Blood Gulch Crew, the end of episode 20: even though they had help from Carolina, and Wash of course, they fought through an entire military base to rescue Church.

Season 10:

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