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  • Awesome Music: Many people tend to think this way about anything that involves John Frusciante and a guitar. In fact, he was voted the best guitarist to come out in the past 30 years.
    • Go ahead, listen to "Venice Queen" and tell me that is not one of the finest guitar openings you've ever heard.
  • Broken Base: Opinions are split as to which was the best line-up and album, as well as whether the band can be as successful without Frusciante.
  • Covered Up: "Higher Ground", "Fire", "Subterranean Homesick Blues", Ohio Players' "Love Rollercoaster", and "They're Red Hot", to name a few.
  • Epic Riff: Many, especially "Give it Away", "Scar Tissue" & "By The Way" to name a few.
  • Face of the Band: Averted. Even casual fans can identify at least one other member of the band besides Anthony. Also, probably the most popular member is the bass player, Flea
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Faith No More - though as the Dethroning Moment Of Suck entry shows, Kiedis and that band's leader, Mike Patton, really don't like each other.
  • Fan Dumb: Combined with Seinfeld Is Unfunny when Mike Watt and his backing band were opening up for the Red Hot Chili Peppers at one show. The audience booed him (until John Frusciante started playing guitar with them) and thought he was some lame Flea wannabe, despite Watt actually influencing Flea's trademark funky style of bass playing and he had been a musician longer than the Red Hot Chili Peppers had been around.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: Many fans declared this after One Hot Minute and Stadium Arcadium took the band in different directions. Also, their self-titled debut has been consigned to the Old Shame bin even by the band.
    • It has to be said that the only reason for the first album being in that situation is that there was so much Executive Meddling on it from both the guitarist they hired and the producer, and had the band been able to do it with their original members it would have been thought of more highly. They don't disown it, they were just disappointed in the way it turned out and prefer the demos, which do feature the original members.
  • Growing the Beard: Arguably done this several times, with Blood Sugar Sex Magik being one of them.
  • Mondegreen: When John Frusciante uses his vocal style to cover Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" in concerts. YouTube comments are quick to point out how it sounds like ("Hold me closer, Tony Danzaaaaaaa...").
  • Painful Rhyme: A couple, mostly by trying to find rhymes for California.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: The Red Hot Chili Peppers have got to be one of the most striking examples in music. A lineup change in this band, particularly at guitar, usually turned a few fans away from that period of the band's history.
    • Let's review: --the early to late-1980's (Jack Sherman, Hillel Slovak); --the late 1980's/early 1990's (John Frusciante, first time around); --the mid-1990's (Dave Navarro; the band's uncontested lowest point since going mainstream); --late 1990's to 2010 (John Frusciante, second time around); --Josh Klinghoffer will probably start this debate up again.
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