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Fan Fiction is a popular medium, and thanks to the nature of Sturgeon's Law, some of it can indeed be quite good to read.

And some of it may actually become so "interesting" by said readers, that they are inspired to want to make "fanfics" based on the writer's story, despite the fact (or perhaps, because of it, in some cases) that said story is fanfiction in and of itself...

This is Recursive Fanfiction.

Care should be taken with this trope, as the story that said fanfic is based on must be a fanfiction as well. If the fiction that it is based on is not itself based on another work of fiction (or fanfiction, which would make the fanfiction of said fanfic fall under this trope as well), then that's a normal Fanfic, and not this trope.

Or, schematically:

Original fiction -> regular fanfiction -> Recursive Fanfiction -> still Recursive Fanfiction, but of a higher level.

Not to be confused with Meta Fic.

Examples of Recursive Fanfiction include:

Anime and Manga





  • Harry Potter and The Methods of Rationality has not only inspired its own fanfics, such as Once Upon a Tower and Nightmares of Azkaban, but "Rational" fics have become a kind of sub-genre.
    • The most famous Rational fic beside Methods, Luminosity, has spawned several fan short stories.
  • The large Harry Potter projects The Shoebox Project, Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness and the Dangerverse have their own fanfic.
  • All the sequels to My Immortal.

Live Action Television

Video Games

Web Comics

  • Homestuck out the wastechute. Fans will create alternate universes, the alternate universes will become popular, people will write fanfics set in the alternative universes... and then there's the fanart of alternative universes.
    • The Grand Battle is the most notorious in having fanart and other fan stuff based on itself.

Web Original

Western Animation

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