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  • Badass Decay: More of an enforced example. Since the series itself is not long and the arc that it occurs in is only about eight episodes, we clearly see how the regaining of Orson's emotions and the weakening influence that Hyuri had over him turned him from a cool, emotionless fighting juggernaut to a whiny, emotional prick. Though you have to give him credit: he can still handle himself with a sword pretty well without being a berserker.
  • Complete Monster: Governor Rabido is so over the top evil, that his own men fear him and his superiors of the Evil Empire Marmo send one of their greatest warriors to dispose of him.
    • Wagnard is another; unlike Ashram or Beld, who simply want to "unite" Lodoss, or Karla, who wants Lodoss to be controlled under her terms, the Dark Wizard wants to awaken the Dark Goddess and destroy all of Lodoss—all to become "lord of the kingdom of death" aka necromancer. Needless to say, even Ashram finds his plans detestable.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The "Black Knight Ashram" theme.
  • It's Been Done: Listen to this score. Now listen to one. If you're wondering which one came first the answer is Leviathan. (the TV series came out in 1990, the film came out in 1989. Do the math.)
  • Ho Yay: Parn's fanboying over King Kashue when he first meets him somewhat resembles this, to the extent that Deedlit seems to be worried about the competition...
  • Large Ham: In the English dub, Wagnard's VA gets to chew the scenery as his character gets more and more deadly (which actually works in favor of his character).
  • Magnificent Bastard: Karla the Grey Witch.
  • Narm: The kobolds look rather vicious, but their screams and howls sound exactly like your five year old brother immitating a monkey.
  • Subbing Versus Dubbing: The English dub often divides a lot of people; there are fans of the dub, to the point where they admit it's a favorite of theirs, while some others find it detestable. Still others think that there's a certain Narm Charm to it. Either way, Lisa Ortiz's Deedlit (her first role ever, incidentally) is considered one of its greatest assets.
    • This is especially amusing given that Word of God is that they prefer the voices in the US dub of the OVA...
  • Tear Jerker: The death of Orson in the TV series was particularly sad, having made a Heroic Sacrifice for Shiris with her begging him to wake.
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