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—Reb Brown in pretty much every movie he's in.

Reb Brown is a former American football player who later went on to become an actor known for his roles in various low budget action movies. He is most famous for his role as David Ryder in Space Mutiny which was featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

He seems to have only two settings as an actor. On one hand, you have the emotionally sappy everyman Reb Brown who just wants a normal life (as caretaker of his mentally handicapped friend in Cage, a soldier telling a little Vietnamese boy about Disneyland in Strike Commando, or a wandering artist who just wants to see America in Captain America). Then you have the Reb Brown who breaks loose and BLOWS SHIT UP! Its not uncommon to see both performances in the exact same movie.

A popular subject on The Spoony Experiment.

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