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A quadrilogy of shooter games developed by Arcade Town. Some of the few original games to come out of the site, and most likely the best. The games are, in order-

  • Antaris Realspace
  • Apocalypse Outpost (Chronologically the first in the series, taking place before Antaris)
  • Realspace 2: Emperor's Revenge
  • Realspace 3: Apocalypse Returns (Shareware)

They chronicle the war between the United Fleet and the Katuri Empire in the year 2357. After taking to the stars, humanity believed it was their right to rule the galaxy, and crushed any alien forces that would not succumb to their rule. With the human army, the United Fleet, powering their drive for war, no one could hope to stand up to them. After rampaging through half the galaxy, they came across the Katuri Empire, another race that refused to obey the human army. Humanity then wasted no time in invading the outer worlds of the Katuri Empire, believing them to be another easy target.

However, humanity underestimated the Katuri. The Katuri responded by obliterating the United Fleet's offensive force, and destroying all the human space stations in their path (Referred to as "outposts"). Only one outpost survived: Apocalypse.

With the United Fleet hanging on by a thread, a resupply mission was needed to fortify the forces on the front lines. But due to the Katuri Juggernaut Carrier blocking the route to the 5th fleet (The main offensive force of the United Fleet), no one could reach it. After many failed attempts, one final group, led by a gunner named Antaris, managed to smash the Katuri blockade and reach the 5th fleet. With the newly reinforced United Fleet combined with the power of Apocalypse, Humanity managed to turn a desperate situation into victory.

The United Fleet managed to regroup and struck back against the Katuri Empire, barreling through the heart of the empire. With the blood of their comrades now spilled, they fought against the Katuri with renewed rage. No world was safe. They eventually reached Sirius Prime, the Katuri homeworld, and mounted one final assault against the Katuri. The Katuri attempted to fight back with the remnants of their army, but failed, and the United Fleet began to devastate Sirius Prime. In a final act of desperation, a group of Katuri suicide bombers struck the United Fleet assault force, forcing them into retreat. With the Katuri now hanging on by a thread, one Katuri commander, Vengeance, led a massive assault against the United Fleet, single-handedly regrouping the Katuri army and leading a massive attack against the human homeworld- Earth. At the end of the second game, the Katuri manage to destroy Earth and annihilate the United Fleet.

With humanity all but destroyed, Antaris alone regrouped the United Fleet and began to lead them back to Apocalypse, the only place the Katuri could never conquer. As the United Fleet slowly regained some of its former power, they began to strike back against the Katuri army in the final phase of the war. During this long series of battles, Vengeance, leading the Katuri army, seeks to destroy Antaris and cripple the United Fleet's resolve, whereas Antaris and the fleet must survive at their last base and defeat the Katuri. Throughout the third game, the United Fleet slowly beats the Katuri back and eventually ensures victory over them. In the final battle of the war, Antaris duels against Vengeance in the middle of a nebula in deep space, destroying him and ending the Katuri forever.

The first three games were spread around the internet in the early 2000s, but faded into obscurity until 2007 with the release of the Shareware Realspace 3. The series briefly enjoyed a surge in popularity, before quietly fading into obscurity, where it looks like they'll stay. The series has a small but loyal fanbase and speedrun community, as well as a few Lets Plays.

Tropes in this series include:

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