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  • Am I crazy, or is this trope severely overreacted to? Sure, it's dull to look at, but the way a lot of these Take Thats are written, you'd think the color brown raped these people's dogs or something.
    • Tropes may not be bad, but this one is feeling some Hype Backlash. The fact that so many games tend to take this road can be a Berserk Button to anyone who doesn't like the style, or who even just wants to see some other visual styles once in a while.
    • It's not the use of a dull and uninteresting art style so much as A: The overuse of it and B: Pretending that is what reality looks like. There's a lot of colors outside.
    • The trope is probably the biggest exaggeration from the last decade. As someone who has played many shooters, I can safely say very, very few games I ever played were truly brownish. Far Cry 2 (set in a jungle/desert), Fallout: New Vegas (set in a desert), and...I got nothing.
  • Would I be right in thinking that people associate this trope with the kind of Stop Having Fun Guys who demand realism in all their games and embrace Darker and Edgier unironically? Because I think that might be part of the backlash this trope attracts.
    • That's what it's associated with, yes. Whether its true or not is beyond me (I'm not really into FPS).
    • "Stop Having Fun!" Guys has nothing to do with this; it's about looking down on those who are not competitive. Don't misuse tropes.
  • I it make sense from a poetic standpoint; if fantasy is the sky (Aka. What can not be reached; hosting red, yellow, blue at some point) then that which is natural is the earth that bounds one to the ground (a depressing earthy concept deserves depressing, earthy colors). That is to say it is obvious that some abuse this trope, but it goes to say that not all artist take to moderation. So every trope is liaible to be abused at some point.
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