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Sometimes Power Gives You Wings; every so often however the Wings Do Nothing - after all Bone Wings are cool but aren't as useful as Combat Tentacles or Feather Flechettes... or are they?

They are, if characters with wings also have a cutting edge, making them Absurdly Sharp.

See also: Helicopter Blender. Not to be confused with Razor Wind.


Anime and Manga

Comic Books

  • X-Men: Archangel when converted into a Horseman (Death) by Apocalypse.
  • The Falcon with his Hard Light wings acts as this.
  • In Usagi Yojimbo, the Komori ninja are clan of ninja bats who typically line the outer edges of their wings with long blades to make for deadly attacks in flight.


  • In Winter War, Pagally's Resureccion gives her deceptively soft-looking wings that are actually razor-edged, as shown when she uses them in battle against the Nemu clones.


  • Legion: the angel Gabriel has very sharp wings. He eviscerates a few people with them, and they're also bulletproof.
  • In How to Train Your Dragon, there's a passing mention of the "Timberjack" species, whose wings can slice right through trees.
  • Marcus of Underworld uses his wings to impale targets, as well as fly.


  • Stormwings from the Tortall Universe are covered in steel/metal feathers which are extremely sharp.

Religion and Mythology

  • The Sixth Labor of Hercules was to drive away the Stymphalian Birds, which were described as having feathers made of bronze and wings so sharp they could penetrate a man's shield and armor.

Tabletop Games

Video Games

  • The Murakumo units from the Blaz Blue series have "wings" made of blades that are used for their heavy attacks.
  • Dragonmagic of Forgotten Realms includes 'Sharpwings' spell. It gives the dragon's wing buffet double damage of a claw attack while keeping its knockdown efect. Without any visual changes.
  • Skarmory in Pokémon. Its wing feathers have been used as blades since long ago, according to the Pokédex.
    • The Steel Wing move also counts, as does Wing Attack.
    • Empoleon counts as well, with metal guards on its wings that can be used this way.
  • Jedah of Darkstalkers has sickle-like wings.
  • Lenus from The Legend of Dragoon. Considering that her wings are made of Hard Light it could count as Laser Blade too.
  • Some combination of claw and Razor Wings works well for Kerrigan of Starcraft fame.
  • Dyna Blade from Kirby Super Star.

Western Animation

  • My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: While they don't actually cut anything with them, the wings of Princess Celestia's pegasus guards do have Audible Sharpness.
    • A later episode proves it is not just for show. Apparently, pegasi wind magic can generate a Razor Wind - a flyby from a member of Wonderbolts was capable of cutting through dragon scales.
  • The Venture Brothers: The Monarch's "Deaths Head Panoply", a Powered Armor suit that is completely inflexible and allows no limb movement whatsoever is only capable of motion through the use of some deployable wings on the back. Said wings are sharp enough to decapitate henchmen who do not get out of the way fast enough when activating them.
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