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  • Two of the best are from the third game, "Up Your Arsenal". First we have Ratchet's attempt to simulate the seductive dancing of robotic pop star Courtney Gears, ending with him making a kissy face at Clank. Later, Big Bad Dr. Nefarious is about to unleash his ultimate Doomsday Weapon - only to accidentally activate a hologram of himself singing loudly and screechily off-key. Seems his butler Lawrence "accidentally" handed him a remote that shows his rehearsal for "Galactic Idol".
  • Another hilarious moment from Up Your Arsenal: Nefarious has led the heroes into a trap and activated the self-destruct mechanism of the ship they are in.

 Dr. Nefarious: Lawrence, teleport us out of here!

Lawrence: Of course, sir. [teleports himself away]

Dr. Nefarious: Lawrence? [beat] THIS ISN'T FUNNY, LAWRENCE!

[Nefarious is teleported away]

  • When Ratchet meets the Galactic President (who sounds exactly like Bill Clinton), they have this exchange:

 Galactic President: My daughter tells me you're good with your hands Ratchet.

Ratchet: Sir, I swear I NEVER . . .

  • Ahem. Up Your Arsenal. (bet you never would've thought of it like that)
    • Heck, they're all like that. Going Commando? Size Matters? A Crack In Time?
  • The GPS-lady in ToD: "Landing in 5... 4..." *lands* "Oops, 3-2-1!"
  • Also: the entirety of Captain Qwark's mission briefings in Tools of Destruction and Up Your Arsenal. In particular the very beginning of the first one in UYA:

 Qwark: First, Ratchet and Clank will wade through a series of tunnels flooded with waist-high raw sewage.

Ratchet: WHAT??

Qwark: Please hold your questions until the end of the presentation.

    • It's also hilarious to note that his mission briefings was a slide presentation that was hand-drawn... with crayons. It looked like a 4 year old did it.
  • The entire Balloonogram sequence from the second game:

 Male Voice: Hello-

Angela's Voice: -Ratchet and Clank-

Male Voice: -you lucky devils!

Angela's Voice: Angela Cross-

Male Voice: -has sent you a Galactic Greeting!

  • Another one from the second game, when the Thief has captured Clank:

 The Thief: Return to your own galaxy immediately, or this will happen to you!

(The Thief pushes the red button. Nothing happens. Clank looks confused.)

The Thief: (inspecting the buttons again) ... Or... this will happen to you.

(The Thief pushes the green button. Clank is electrocuted)

The Thief: Farewell.

  • Here's a jewel from Up Your Arsenal:

 Skrunch: *angry monkey babble*

Qwark: I thought we agreed to put that jungle business behind us.

Skrunch: *furious monkey screeching*

Qwark: It was mating season! How was I supposed to know she was your sister? *notices Ratchet and Clank (Klunk) standing behind him* *nervous laugh* How long have you two been standing there?

Clank:Too long...

  • Any cutscene involving Nefarious in A Crack In Time. From the Orb of Gratuitous Immobilization to his continued glitching and resetting, the comic timing is so utterly perfect that he constantly had this troper in stitches.
  • In Up Your Arsenal, there was "One of Nature's Mysteries"

 Alien And there I saw him, running through the woods, buck naked, holding a banana, at least, I think it was a banana. Ya know what? I think it could've been--


  • Discobomb. Nothing (not even the final boss) is immortal to it, and every enemy must break down and dance to it. It is one of the most humorous achievements to get.
    • On that note, the small section in A Crack In Time where Ratchet disguises himself as Dr. Nefarious, mostly because you can give multiple Jerkass commands to your minions, including making them dance. Even with the Groovitron, you're mostly focused on blowing shit up, but when you can just repeatedly order your minions to "GET DOWN AND GET FUNKY!", the effect really starts to hit you.
  • Despite the awkward subject matter, this exchange from Tools of Destruction never fails to elicit a smile from this troper:

 Clank: What are 'stones'? (checks chest compartment) Do I have them?

Ratchet: I'll tell you later... and no.

  • May I just nominate the Plumber's appearance in Tools of Destruction-- from "Almost didn't recognize you in high-def" all the way to his-- ahem-- exit. That scene was absolutely hysterical...Ratchet probably summed it up the best, really: "What just happened?"
  • Another one from Up Your Arsenal, when you arrive at Holostar Studios. Ratchet tries to activate the cloaking device on their ship, but accidentally ejects Clank, who lands on set. Then...

  Director: CUT! CUT! That's it! You've disgraced my set for the last time, kid! Take up basket weaving! You're fired! ...Get me the monkey.

  • The RYNO V in A Crack in Time, due to the fact that it plays the 1812 Overture whenever you fire it.
  • Clank's little dance after getting the Hypnomatic part at the end of the grind rail on Damosel.
  • In the beginning of A Crack in Time, Ratchet and Qwark are flying through space looking for Clank, and Qwark decides to monologue about the adventure, placing heavy emphasis on the fact that Ratchet's alone. Ratchet promptly reminds Qwark that the ship has an ejection function, with a tone that explicitly states he's about five seconds from using it on Qwark if he doesn't shut up.
    • And, of course, there's the crashing sequence that follows that. It starts with Qwark panicking and referencing the old "Always wear clean underwear, because you never know what's going to happen" thing, and ends with...

 Ratchet: (looking around in the time rift) Whoa.

Qwark: I know. (Beat) So much for clean underwear.

      • The best part is, without a doubt, the face that Ratchet makes after Qwark says that. Someone get that lombax some Brain Bleach...
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, your president."
  • This exchange in Going Commando on planet Tabora as the duo find a new OmniWrench 8000 V2:

 Clank: It says "In case of emergency, use rock to break glass." (Ratchet is about to break it) Hold on, this one says "Use rock to break glass to get wrench to break glass to get rock." Ooh, I love logic puzzles! Let's see... if you break the glass with the...

Ratchet: (breaks the glass with his wrench anyway) Solved it.

  • Another gem from ToD can be found on Ryken V after viewing the informational reel for the Lombax Center for Advanced Research. To wit:
    • This only becomes better when you realize that, when we were given the opportunity to explore Umbris in UYA, the only sentient lifeform present was Captain Qwark.
  • Speaking of Qwark, several of his appearances in A Crack in Time push him into this territory. One that stands out in particular:

 Qwark: ...being a hero is 45% strength, 60% bravery, and 10% raw intelligence.

Ratchet: (From the jaws of a War Grok) That's 115%!

Qwark: You're welcome!

  • It was (sort of) featured in the trailer, but this exchange from All 4 One was great:

 Nefarious: Can I kill him [Qwark] now?

Ratchet: No.

Nefarious: I can make it look like an accident!

Ratchet: (Beat) How?

Clank: Ratchet!

    • And let's not forget Dr. Croid the Lombax Whisperer
  • We're treated to this exchange part way through Up Your Arsenal:

 Skidd: Sasha and Qwark are meeting with the president, man, they left me in charge of the ship!

Ratchet: WHAT?! I mean, I see... Well, is Al there?

Skidd: He's out to lunch.

Ratchet: Helga?

Skidd: In the sauna!

Klunk: Qwark's monkey, perhaps?

  • The DreadZone Ranking Machine's constant commentary about Ratchet's size.

 Ranking Machine: Does it bother you that you are shorter than most heroes?

Ranking Machine: Your ranking appears to be that of a contestant twice your size.

Ranking Machine: Attention: Something small and furry has walked into the ranking station. Oh, it's you Ratchet.

  • There's one conversation in Size Matters that happens to be a direct Call Back to one of the first scenes from the original game:

 Ratchet: There's Luna, let's get her!

Clank: Ratchet, do you notice anything strange about Luna?

Ratchet: Well, she does seem to have an unusually large door coming out of the back of her head.

Clank: And why is that?

Ratchet: Because she's... uh, a robot?

  • Ratchet's attempt at a eulogy for Qwark in UYA, and Klunk making things difficult for him.

 Ratchet: Captain Qwark had so many, um, er... wonderful qualities, I just don't know were to begin...

Klunk: Such as...?

  Dr. Nefarious: What? That wasn't even close to sixty seconds!

  • There were a few moments from the comics, too. One that sticks out in particular starts with Ratchet and Clank being shipped off to a prison; this is part of the conversation they have on the way there:

 Ratchet: That's it. I'm going to kill Qwark.

Clank: You say that at least once a year.

    • But it comes back up in the last place you would expect. When Ratchet's being corralled out of the prison's dining hall with the Agorian he'd just fought with, this is what we're treated to:

 Clank: Ratchet!

Ratchet: Everything's gonna be fine, pal! Just do me a favor!

Clank: Anything!

Ratchet: Kill Qwark for me!

  • The comic series also has Clank's solution for keeping Qwark safe in the last issue: taping him to a chair with duct tape. This was probably less to keep the Captain from getting hurt by Zogg and more to keep him from hurting himself. Qwark's reaction is great, too:

  Qwark: Not cool, Clank!

 What's the safest thing to do?

Hit it with the wrench!

  • Also from Mike and Tony's Let's Play, whenever they talk about anything innovative in the game:

  Tony: I'd like to think that *insert name of popular game known for certain type of gameplay* took an example from us for our *name type of gameplay*

  • From Mike and Tony's Up Your Arsenal let's play, where Tony describes his 72 hour stay at the office to clean out bugs from the game:

  Tony: By the end of [the 72 hours] Ted Price came up to me and was like "How long have you BEEN here?" and I stopped for a second and and was like, "What day is it?" and he's like, "Go home. Go home right now."

  • From Secret Agent Clank:

 Clank: [confused] Ratchet? Is that REALLY you?

Ratchet: Oh, it's me alright! Big floppy ears, big green eyes, big hands, big- [bends down]


Ratchet: [pulls up one of his feet] -feet. What?

  • An awesome one from the comics:

 Ratchet: What is this thing anyway? It's been down here for years.

Clank: This is a GrummelNet Flux Compression Generator. It emits a supercharged blast of radiation at a radius of fifty kilocubits.

Ratchet: Holy crap!

Clank: Indeed, it is a quite powerful device-

Ratchet: No, I mean, "Holy crap, I didn't know what this was and almost used it to make pancakes last summer." We really need to start labeling stuff.

  • In Up Your Arsenal, Qwark and Nefarious' discussion about their school days.

 Qwark: Remember how I used to clean the chalk board with your pants... While you were still wearing them?

Nefarious: You were three times my size, you stupid oaf!

Qwark: I was always big for my age.

Nefarious: You were twenty-six!

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